Myths about roles of husbands and wives, and the Bible

  1. "Husbands have as much responsibility to keep house." (1 Timothy 5:7, 1 Timothy 2:15 + 1 Timothy 5:14 + Titus 2:5)
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    False: If true, then wife has equal responsibility to make 50% of the money!
    A. Helps, but, primarily wife's job, Tit.2:4-5; Prov.31:15, 27.
    B. Role reversals at root of most problems today. Cause obvious.

  3. Every person who enters marriage must be willing to give their half (50%) in order for their marriage to be successful. (each give 100%, not 50%)
  4. Creating a dependency link between the two roles of husbands loving their wives and of wives submitting to their husbands: Husbands failing to unconditionally love and honour their wives, even when they rebelliously refuse to submit. Wives failing to unconditionally submit to their husbands, even when they are treated badly.


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