Evidence of a Creator:

Design and Order

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There are only two ways of looking at the Universe. Either it just happened or an intelligent being is responsible for it. Now, chance does not produce design or order. What sort of a Universe do we see? Is it one of order? We'll look at two of the most familiar objects - the sun and then the human body. The sun is a revolving sphere blowing gases a million times larger than the earth. The sun is like an atomic furnace, producing heat at the core of 35 million degrees Fahrenheit, and a temperature of 11 thousand degrees at its surface. The sun is 93 million miles from the earth. If it were 120 million miles, the earth would be frozen solid. However, if the distance were 60 million miles, the earth's surface would be like a furnace. The location of the sun, and the delicate balance of the earth's atmosphere makes it possible for the sun's energy to raise millions of tons of water from the oceans, vaporize and demineralize them, collect the vapors into clouds and then move the clouds thousands of miles by the energy of the wind, which is also produced the the energy of the sun, condense the vapors and then scatter them on dry land, thus making life possible. The energy of the sun activates the germ of life and the seed, causing it to grow. The green leaf, with its chlorophyll would not be possible without the energy of the sun. Coal is but the stored up energy of the s6n and fossilized remains of plant life.

Now our second example. The human body contains 206 bones. Each bone is efficiently constructed to give maximum strength. Each bone is hollow and manufactures marrow. Each cubic meter of the body contains about 5 million red blood cells and between 5 thousand and 10 thousand white cells. The body produces 2 million blood cells a second to replace those damaged in circulation. There are I hundred thousand miles of blood vessels and the blood is capable of flowing through the entire circulatory system in only 26 seconds. In a normal lifetime, the heart beats more than 2 billion times, pumping enough blood to fill a large skyscraper. Your brain can do what a computer the size of the Empire State Building could not accomplish. To have the power of your brain, this computer would need the power of a Niagara Falls. Now, these are but 2 of many examples of design and order. To believe that the Universe is the product of an intelligent being is a reasonable conclusion. Really, the more that we learn about the Universe, the greater emphasis is placed upon how each part influences the other. The scientific method assumes that this is an orderly Universe. So whether specific examples are considered or whether the Universe is regarded in a general sense, the presence of order is indicated. Again, the question, which is more reasonable, chance or God?

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