Is evolution philosophy positive or negative on society?!

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Those who openly promote evolution love to show the terrible mistakes of religious leaders over the centuries, like Galileo being thrown into house arrest the last 8 years of his life for teaching that the earth was not flat. Yet, on the balance scale of net good to society, Christianity has done almost all good, while evolution has done almost all bad. In fact the erosion of values in society is directly proportional to peoples lack of participation in Christianity which is partly due to people's acceptance of Evolution. Recent research by sociologist R. Bibby of the University of Lethbridge, indicates that about 8% of Canadians attend church every week. 40 years ago it was about 50%. As soon as you accept evolution, you are forced to reject the historical record of the Bible as being literally true. Sorry all you "theistic evolutionist's" there is no in-between! We either trash the Bible or trash evolution.

Canada's state sponsored religion is Humanism. Evolution has been officially defined as religion in US courts. Humanism says that the solution to all man's problems come from within ourselves. The Bible say that the solutions come from God and not from self. Humanism says there is no God and believes Christianity has been a curse to society. Humanism, like every other world religion, has all the answers to man's origin and purpose. The theory of evolution, is humanism's "statement of faith". Evolution answers the humanist's questions as to purpose (none), origin (random chance processes) and rank in the cosmos (self as supreme being).

Few philosophies have done more damage to society in the history of mankind than evolution. Darwin applied "survival of the fittest" biologically. Marx (father of communism), Nietzsche and Hitler got their ideas directly from Darwin applied "survival of the fittest" socially. Hitler ruthlessly exterminated some 12 million people during the second World War (only half of which were Jews). But few realize that Hitler's personal views of racial superiority and fascism had their foundation firmly rooted in Darwin's survival of the fittest. Hitler methodically identified what he believed to be the inferior races of man. He then set out to exterminate these evolutionary misfits in the same way a purebred dog breeder will cull unwanted puppies from a litter. After all, if man randomly evolved by chance from animals, then man is nothing more than an animal! Who could deny that evolution provides a rational basis for racism, while the Bible clearly condemns it? Darwinian evolution actually schooled Marx, Nietzsche and Hitler who merely took the theory of evolution to its logical end. Today we face a greater genocide for exactly the same reason. 1.5 million babies are aborted every year because women are told by evolutionist doctors that the 10 week old fetus in their womb is not yet human! Abortionists believe that human and animal life are of the same relative value.

A recent headline indicated that one in 5 people suffer from some mental disorder. When men accept that they are nothing more than a series of random chance processes instead of being created in the image of an intelligent God these sorts of headlines don't surprise me. Where's the hope of living? Where's the purpose in life? Evolution gives neither hope or purpose. No wonder people drag themselves through the routines of daily life in such despair. All is futile! Evolution directly contributes to increase the suicide rate. Christianity, on the other hand gives a fantastic purpose for living!

Evolutionists tell us there is no supreme God that gave man the Bible as a rule book of conduct. Kids accept evolution and make themselves their own supreme authority and rebel against the accepted standards of society. If you think it is bad now, just wait till the next generation of youth hit the scene with their heads crammed full of state sponsored/taxpayer funded evolutionist philosophy! Crime, easy sex, divorce, racial intolerance. Now don't get me wrong! Christians are sometimes guilty of these things too. The difference is that the Bible clearly condemns such activity as sin. With evolution as our youths religion, there is no standard or judgment or rules higher than themselves. Christianity sets a high standard of goodness that men strive to attain and often fail. Evolution and Humanism set no standard at all and are rooted in selfishness. So thanks for nothing evolution! A curse you have been to mankind!

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