Letter from a 15 year old:
"A convert to the religion of evolution through textbook fraud!"

Textbook Fraud

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Click to ViewEvolutionists deliberately tolerate knowingly fraudulent pro-evolution evidence in School Textbooks.
Click to ViewNew Textbooks purchased by schools in the last year are full of fraud and lies to promote evolution.
Click to ViewSchool Teachers and professors know the material is fraud, but still teach it.
Click to ViewMisleading, deceptive things are still found in High School and University Textbooks that were exposed as fraud over 90 years ago!
Click to ViewEvolutionists turn a quite blind eye, because this fraudulent data is the best they have!

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Letter from a 15 year old:

"You call your readers intelligent and then try to fool them, by juxtaposing bible beliefs with scientific proof, and then giving false information, or at least half-truths to brainwash them. You ignore many scientific discoveries, even basic ones. Your amusing comments that the sun was young, then talking about a 'low neutino' count was funny....You take the bible's Genesis stories word for word?....How do you explain the fact that complex proteins are formed in a 'broth' of solution in a period of a few weeks, can you explain the mutation of microbes when they become resistant to types of treatment....

How do you explain that leading psychoanalysis's are finding that homosexuality is a natural mind state, not a choice on the part of a person? Why would god 'hate this' if he made people this way? This is just stupid....

By the way, I am 15 years old. You have no control over my generation. Your efforts are pointless. Science is what is true. A theory that explains is better than a belief, which brushes off. If you realize, science is prevalent when society is on a high, only when irrational behavior sets in does religion have a say."

...A 15 year old.


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This poor deceived young soul is an example of the effect of textbook fraud. Armed by educators with deceptive and misleading information, this boy rejects God.



Young sun

Nutrino count

resistant bacteria




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