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$10,000 for one Bible verse!!!

I have seen several examples of Adventists challenging their audiences with a Bible verse for money:

All these challenges will give money for one text that shows:

  1. Sunday is the Sabbath
  2. Sunday is a day of rest
  3. The Sabbath was changed from 7th day to the 1st day.

Problem is, this only works on Catholics who believe these three items. Informed Christians find the challenge irrelevant because they would agree that Sunday is not the Sabbath, nor a day of rest and that the day was never changed. Christians don't believe the Sabbath day was changed, THEY BELIEVE IT WAS ABOLISHED!

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So in the spirit of this Seventh-day Adventist tradition...

Here is a challenge for all Sabbatarians. This challenge is not irrelevant, but focuses on the real core of the issue and presents a serious irrefutable threat to their false doctrine that Christians should keep the Sabbath. (7th day).

We will give $10,000 dollars to anyone who can:

  1. Give us a single Bible verse where the weekly Sabbath commandment is quoted in the New Testament. (Almost all the 10 commandments are listed in the New Testament, find the 4th commandment quoted in the New Testament.)
  2. Give us a single Bible verse after the resurrection of Christ, that says Christians should keep the Sabbath day. (Heb 4:9 is not the weekly Sabbath, but the eternal Sabbath rest in heaven. Looking carefully at the text, you will see four rests in Hebrews 4: 1. Eternal rest in heaven. 2. The creation rest of God in Gen 2:2. 3. Canaan rest in the promised land for the Jews that Joshua gave: Deut. 12:9-10. 4. 7th day Sabbath rest. Hebrews 4 shows that the weekly Sabbath was merely one of three anti-types of our eternal Sabbath rest in heaven! It certainly cannot be a command to keep the weekly Sabbath!)
  3. Give us a single Bible verse where exclusively Christians came together on the Sabbath day as a church or prayer meeting after the resurrection of Christ. (We have an example of a church meeting with exclusively Christians were in the audience who came together for the purpose of partaking of the Lord's supper and preaching on the first day of the week, Sunday, in Acts 20:7. Paul preaching to Jews on the Sabbath to convert them, is not an example of the church meeting on the Sabbath day, but is an example of Paul going into a Jewish worship service.)
  4. Give us a single Bible verse where the Hebrew word for the weekly Sabbath found in the ten commandments, is found in the book of Genesis. (Sabbatarian preachers always say that Adam and Abraham kept the Sabbath, yet offer no proof! Sabbatarians will find the common word for "rest" in Genesis, but never the special word for the weekly Sabbath!)

If you know of such a verse click send it to the click here!

Amazing! So far no one has claimed the prize! Wonder why? Could it be that no such verse actuall exists because we should be worshipping on Sunday, the Lord's Day?

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