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Ellen G. White


or Plagiarist!

The White Lie!
By Walter T. Rea

Overview of Ellen G. White's copying:

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There are at least three lists circulating in Adventism that purport to be accurate concerning the books that were available for Mrs. White's use. The comparisons used here and throughout this book are only a fraction of the use of some of those books. While it is possible that some of the books on those lists were not used by Ellen White, it also can be shown that she used material not mentioned on any list available so far.

The comparisons show several things:

a. She was not original and was a creature of her time, using others' material to explain herself in every area and every book that bears her name.

b. The early copying was very crude and unpolished and often word for word, while the later copying was often very sophisticated, showing that more able help was obtained in later years, and even after her death, to do the work of selecting.

c. Most if not all of the "beautiful" statements that were supposed to be original with Ellen White, now are known to have come from others.

d. It was not Ellen White that changed in her ability to write as the years advanced. The crude copying of the early Ellen White still remained detectable in her advanced years. This becomes evident when one is able to compare from her own handwriting what is known to have been her own efforts in her later years and separate these efforts from those who were doing much of her work for her.

e. It is sometimes difficult to show the remarkable similarities by only comparing a few sentences or even a few pages. It is strongly urged that if there is sufficient interest, further work be done on a broader scale by using original sources and making additional comparisons on a chapter by chapter basis.


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