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Sabbath Keeping Churches

These churches keep the Sabbath (Saturday) and many view worshipping on Sunday, as the Mark of the beast.

Most believe Jesus' resurrection was on the Sabbath: Sabbath Resurrection refuted.



Click to ViewSeventh-day Adventists Ellen G. White (Sunday Resurrection)

Click to ViewUnited church of God

Click to View Triumph Prophetic Ministries (split from WCG in 1987, led by William Dankenbring)

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Click to ViewChurch of God, Seventh Day (this is the church that Herbert Armstrong split from.)

Click to ViewUnited Church of God (split from WCG in 1995, led by Les McCullough)

Click to ViewChurch of God (recent split from United COG, led by David Hulme)

Click to ViewGlobal Church of God (split from WCG in 1992, led by Rod Meredith)

Click to ViewPhiladelphia Church of God (split from WCG in 1989, led by Gerald Flurry)

Click to ViewChurch of God, International (split from WCG in 1978, currently led by Charles Groce)

Click to ViewChristian Educational Ministries (split from COG,International in 1995, led by Ron Dart)

Click to ViewIntercontinental Church of God Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association (recently split from International, led by Garner Ted Armstrong)

Click to ViewSeventh-day Baptists, Sunday keeping, keepers, keeper

Click to ViewSeventh-day Pentecostals

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