FACT: The record of history show that the very earliest Christians always worshipped on the first day of the week and did not keep the Sabbath! Click here for proof

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Actual Adventist false statement from "Revelation Seminar" book:

"Let us open the pages of history after the Bible was written and discover when the attempt to change God's Sabbath to Sunday was made. ... Likewise, for one hundred years after Christ, there is no discussion of the Sabbath question. However, in the second, third and fourth centuries, there is considerable discussion over this issue, which would indicate that this would be the time when men attempted to introduce a new day of worship." (Now That's Clear!, Schreven, 1994)

Three Seventh-day Adventist Lies:

  1. LIE: The record of history show that the very earliest Christians kept the Sabbath and not Sunday.
  2. TRUTH in 90 AD: "...every Lord's day, hold your solemn assemblies, and rejoice: for he will be guilty of sin who fasts on the Lord's day, being the day of the resurrection..." (Constitutions of the Holy Apostles, Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. 7, pg. 449)
  3. LIE: For 100 years after Christ (about 135AD) there was no discussion of the Sabbath question.
  4. TRUTH in 110 AD: "no longer observing the Sabbath, but living in the observance of the Lord's Day" (IGNATIUS Epistle to the Magnesians, chp 9. Ante-Nicene Fathers , vol. 1, pg. 62-63.)
  5. LIE: That history shows that Christians began keeping the Sabbath and gradually started meeting on Sundays at about the time of Constantine in 325 AD.
TRUTH in 325 AD: The truth is that before Constantine, Christians always met on SUNDAY and never met on Saturday as the Sabbath! Click here for More historical quotes

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Historical truth refutes all Sabbatarians:

Facts of history record: Click here for much more proof

  1. There is no historical evidence that Christians kept the Sabbath (Saturday) during this same time!!!
  2. There is no historical evidence that Christians disputed over the change of the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday!!!
  3. The Historic evidence unanimously shows that the universal practice was to meet on Sunday
  4. There is no Historic evidence of the Lord's supper being practice on the Sabbath during this same time.
  5. Adventists are lying to the public by misrepresenting history in their frequent Revelation Seminars!
  6. We challenge any Sabbatarian to come up with one quote that any Christians kept the Jewish Sabbath prior to Constantine!





Adventist's teach

Actual history records




33-140 A.D.

Universal Sabbath keeping, no one worshipped on Sunday

Universal first day of the week (Sunday) meetings




140-300 A.D.

Gradual shift towards Sunday, but still kept Sabbath.

Universal Sunday meetings but Christians incorrectly began to apply the idea of "rest" to Sunday. They did not keep or worship on Saturday.





Universal Sunday meeting but applying Sabbath language to the 1st day of the week, Sunday.

Universal Sunday meetings but a gradually increasing trend for Christians to incorrectly call Sunday, "the Sabbath" and justify Sunday worship based upon the 4th commandment. Many churches today teach the false doctrine that Sunday is the Sabbath. This theological confusion/error actually reinforces Sabbatarians false doctrine, that the Sabbath was not nailed to the cross as Col 2:14-16 says.





Christians originally kept the Sabbath, but due to the influence of the devil, Christians went into universal apostasy for over 1600 years until, of course the arrival of Ellen G. White, the Adventist prophet, who saw, contrary to what the Bible says in Col 2:16, that the Sabbath law was not nailed to the cross. Only in the 19th century did God, through the Seventh-day Adventist church, restore, by direct revelation, the truth that the day of Christian worship was Saturday

The universal practice of Christians has always been Sunday, but some are doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Sunday is not a Christian Sabbath or a day of rest, or a holy day to be kept. It is the universal day of Christian worship. When Christians today wrongly apply the 4th Sabbath commandment as the reason why they worship on Sunday, they are not only mistaken, but are making themselves very vulnerable to manipulation by the various Sabbatarian groups.




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