Archeology in Jerusalem



Temple Mount

Solomon's temple is located under the Al Kas fountain not the Dome of the Rock.

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Pool of Siloam

Discovered in 2004 by a construction worker, this pool is where Jews washed, then ascended the stairs to the temple each year during Passover.

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City of David

One believed to be a myth, recent discoveries have uncovered proof of David's city.

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Hezekiah's Tunnel

You can walk through this tunnel that was built by Hezekiah and is mentioned in the Bible.

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Solomon's Quarry

This large cave is really a quarry. Solomon probably used the rock to build the temple from this cave.

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Solomon's Aqueduct

From a spring in Hebron, Solomon filled 3 storage pools which were 12 km south east of Jerusalem. He built an aqueduct that fed fresh running spring water to the floor of the Temple. Solomon's pools provided a whopping 21 meters of head to the present level of the temple mount. However we know that Hadrian buried the Solomon's temple floor and it is likely over 50 feet below the current platform. that would give almost 35 meters of head at the time of Solomon.

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The Levitical Priesthood

The Levitical Priesthood traces through the three sons of Levi, through the Sadducees until it went extinct at the death of Christ, when it was replaced with the Priesthood of Christians which endures until the second coming.

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