Chinese Language Evidences
The Bible in the Chinese language

By William Stewart

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Noah's Ark, Flood, Nimrod, Tower of Babel



Genesis 1-11 in the Chinese language

1.      History of the Chinese Language

2.      Chinese Character Master Index

3.      God in the Chinese Language

4.      The Creation Account

5.      The Garden of Eden

6.      Cain & Abel

7.      Noah's Flood

8.      Tower of Babel

9.      Migration to China


Noah’s Ark

1.      The true Bible story of Noah's Ark

2.      500 Flood stories prove Noah's Ark is real history!

3.      Noah's Ark embedded in the Chinese language

4.      How long did it take to Build Noah's Ark? Less than 75 years!

5.      Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

6.       Noah was "saved by water": 1 Peter 3:20-21