Is the Bible of human or divine origin?

The Bible presents a great problem to mankind. Shall we believe this Book, or belittle it? Shall we endorse it, or ignore it? Shall we follow it, or fight it? It is either a light that guides, or a lie that beguiles. Which is it? It is either a great force, or a great farce; it either contains directions or deceptions, depending upon the validity of its claims.

Is the Bible the product of God, or the product of man? Since man has never been able to write a better one, it sounds as if it came from God. Since it is in a class all by itself, it sounds as though it could not have come from man. Since men have never been able to destroy it, though they have desperately tried to do so, it must be the product of God. Since there has never been known to be a principle for better living which the Bible does not incorporate, surely God inspired the writing of it!

Consider the accuracy of the Bible. Time was when the Bible was the only information men had on certain historical data. The Bible contained names of some kings that historians had no other record of. Some therefore doubted that such kings existed. I refer particularly to King Arioch, mentioned in the fourteenth Chapter of Genesis, and King Sargon mentioned in the twentieth Chapter of Isaiah. While men once denied that these kings existed, historians now say that they did exist. Through archaeological discoveries, the very foundation of one of their palaces has been unearthed, giving some information and dates about his deeds, all of which confirms the Bible account. Does this sound as though man thought up the idea of the Bible?

How did Paul know that God made of "one blood" all nations of men to dwell upon the face of the earth? He declared this scientific truth in the seventeenth chapter of Acts, verse twenty-six. Only in recent years have cytologists proved this to be a scientific fact, yet Paul declared it in the long, long ago. How do you account for it? Only on the ground that he spoke as God directed him. Many such truths as these are found in the Bible, and these have baffled the minds of scientists. In fact, there is not a known fact of science that contradicts the Bible. Many theories of science contradict the Bible, but no known fact of science does. How can this be accounted for? There is one answer, and that is, God is the author of both science and the Bible.

By contrast, what does the system of atheism have to offer the world? What does it have to offer by way of comfort, enlightenment, reason, and the elevation of human life? Then compare with that what the Bible has to offer. Think of the tremendous impact the Bible has made in the lives of men. It has gripped hearts as no other writing has done. Without doubt this Book came from God! Your reaction, both to the Bible and to God are, therefore, very important.

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