How do TV talk shows prove the inspiration of the bible?

They make the Unity of the Bible Shine bright!

Have you ever discussed some controversial subject with a small group of your friends. Chances are, not everyone agreed with your personal point of view! Do the guests of a typical television talk show ever agree? Very rarely! In contrast, 40 different men wrote the 66 books of the Bible and discuss hundreds of controversial subjects, yet they all agree. What makes this even more remarkable is that the 40 Bible writers lived as much as 1600 years apart. Imagine their cultural differences! Despite this great potential for contradiction between Bible writers, there is harmony and unity in the Bible's message. That is because the Holy Spirit was directly guiding each of the 40 men to write the Bible.

One scholar has noted that the unity found in the Bible is vastly superior to the sacred writings of all other world religions, including Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Bahai, and Islam. Anyone who has ever studied these writings must admit they are jumbles of disjointed material, without order, continuity or unity of any kind. The 66 books of the Bible on the other hand, weave a unified message from Genesis to Revelation.

Consider the high degree of unity found within the Bible. There is nothing like this, not even approaching this, in any other collection of sacred books of any world religion. The direct inspiration of God is what sets the Bible apart from all other books. The unity of the Bible is a powerful argument for divine inspiration because even a small group of men can rarely come to any degree of unity on even one topic.

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