Bulla of Jaazaniah servant of the king

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Bulla of Jaazaniah servant of the king

"Archaeologists are digging up bible stories!!!"



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Archaeologists are digging up bible stories!!!

Archaeology is an important science that confirms the historical accuracy of the Bible. Since the Bible refers to hundreds of cities, kings, and places, we would expect to find evidence from on-site excavations. And this is exactly what we have found. The Bible is the most historically accurate book of history on earth. Read the Bible daily!



Encyclopedia of Bullae and Seals of Judea and Israel


Bulla "belonging to Jaazaniah servant of the king"


See gadaliah, governor


"In the ruins of Tell en-Naṣbeh (Mizpah?) a seal was found bearing the identifying inscription “To Jaazaniah, servant of the king.” Jaazaniah was one of the officials associated with Gedaliah (2 K. 25:23; Jer. 40:8). A seal impression found among the ruins of Lachish (thus antedating its destruction) bears the inscription, “Gedaliah who is over the house.” Thus G. Ernest Wright (WBA, p. 181) suggests that Gedaliah had served as one of the last prime ministers of Judah, because the words “who is over the house” refer to the office of prime minister. Not only was Gedaliah’s father a high official in his own right (Jer. 26:24), but his grandfather Shaphan had served Josiah as scribe, or secretary of state (2 K. 22:3, 8–12)." (ISBE, Rule of Gedaliah, Volume 2, Page 919, 1979 AD)


Since this seal was found at tel Mizpah, it seems obvious to associate this Jaazaniah with the Gedaliah the first governor of Judah who used Mizpah as his home city. (2 Ki 25:23; Jer 40:8) It is more likely he was the son of Shaphan the scribe. Ezek8:11. The reason for this, is that Gedaliah was not called a KING and this Jaazaniah served the king, which in this case would likely be Zedekiah. After the destruction of Jerusalem, Jaazaniah would surely join Gedaliah and take his seal with him personally to Mizpah.


Jaazaniah, servant of the king




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