Calvinism Refuted

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"Irresistible Grace"


The doctrine that God uses feelings to directly confirmed your salvation

Are your feelings of salvation based upon the facts of the Bible?

Scriptural refutation of "Irresistible Grace"

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Irresistible Grace contradicts the Bible because:

A. Man looses his freewill and his actions are not the result of his personal choices:

  1. Calvinists will actually argue that they do not personally have a free will to choose anything.
  2. Man becomes a puppet/robot of either
  1. Passages that prove man has a free will and God expects man to choose to do right
  1. Man can "resist the Holy Spirit": Acts 6:10; 7:51-55
  2. Without free will, many of Bible statements make no sense:
  1. How can man be held accountable to God for his actions in judgment without freewill?

B. Predestination makes God a respector of persons saving some and damning others:

What is foreknown by God in these Bible Verses?


Personal Identity?

Character, purpose & plan?

Eph 1:3-4

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1 Cor 2:7

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Rom 8:29-30

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  1. Our eternal destiny (heaven or hell) is based entirely upon God's choice not our own???
  2. God is not a respector of persons: Acts 10:34; Rom 2:11-12; 1 Pe 1:17
  3. God does not will that any perish but all be saved: Tit 2:11; 1 Ti 2:4; 2 Pe 3:9
  4. Makes the Devil no enemy for the saved to worry about, if predestined 1 Pe 5:8 Why beware?

C. Makes man's efforts in evangelism unnecessary

  1. If the saved are predestined to be saved and the lost are lost and no one can be "saved" unless the Holy Spirit performs a direct operation, why evangelize
  2. If salvation is totally dependent upon God, why would God command evangelism?
  3. Why waste our time evangelizing if all is predestined. How can we know who to preach to?
  4. Why does God have us preach (we are puppets) to people who do not respond?

D. It creates a false view of how we gain understanding of the Bible and our faith.

  1. We understand the Bible the same way we learn anything else. (reading, study and hard work)
  2. The Calvinist believes the only way you can understand the Bible is through the direct guidance and interpretation of the Holy Spirit. Yet the HS told us in Eph 3:3-5 we can understand the Bible when we simply read.
  3. Faith comes from hearing/reading the Bible: Rom 10:17
  4. Jn 16:12-13 & 2 Pe 1:22-21 are quoted to prove the HS guides you to understand the Bible

What are these Bible verses talking about?


How we interpret the Bible?

How the Bible was written?

John 16:12-13

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2 Peter 1:21-22

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E. It creates a false view of how we are called by God

  1. Calvinists teach that only the "predestined saved" are personally called by God
  2. The Bible teaches that all men are called through gospel: 1 Th 2:14 some accept, others reject!
  3. Humans are the means that God always uses preach the Gospel to save men. God may directly or providentially send a preacher to a sinner, but only humans preached the actual message.

Bible's way: Rom 10:6-16

Preacher + Hear Believe

Believe + Call/obey Saved

Calvin's way

Holy Spirit Believe = Saved

F. Irresistible Grace actually destroys faith in God!

  1. Many a faith has been destroyed by waiting for the "better felt than told feeling" call.
  1. Those who are dishonest deceive themselves into a false sense of assurance of salvation by thinking they have received the call of God through feelings.

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