Calvinism Refuted

"Perseverance of the Saints"

(or "eternal security" or "once saved always saved")

Bible Texts Calvinists misuse to prove "Eternal Security"

2 Pet 3:16
"as also in all Paul's letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction."

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Christians Cannot Sin: 1 Jn 3:9

  1. There are two key words in this passage ­ commit and cannot.
  2. John plainly says that Christians do sin: 1 Jn 1:8-10; 2:1-2
  3. The passage is saying that a Christian cannot sin and be consistent with Christ.
  4. some "never cease from sin" 2 Pe 2:14 does not mean they are forced to sin, but choose to

Eternal Life Argument: Jn 3:16; 3:36; 5:24

  1. The above texts prove Christians can be lost
  2. Eternal life is conditional upon our obedience to God's word prior to judgement: Heb 3:6,14

Power Of God Argument: Jn 10:29; Rom 8:35-39

  1. The above texts prove Christians can be lost...salvation is conditional prior to judgement.
  2. Being a sheep and being in the hand of God is conditional.
  3. What these passages are really teaching is that nothing can harm the Christian who submits to God and obeys His commandments. But if that individual starts to willingly disobey and openly practice sin in rebellion to God will be lost. Here they leave the security of the "hand of God".
  4. Jesus plainly said he would to unfaithful Christians "I will spit you out of My mouth" Rev 3:16
  5. Jesus said he would "throw away branches that do not abide in Him": Jn 15:6
  6. Romans 8:35­39 faithful follower of Christ, "they shall never perish."

If They Fall Away, They Weren't Saved In The First Place: 1 Jn 2:19

  1. The Bible clearly teaches a Christian can fall away
  2. This passage merely says that at the time they "went out" they were not saved. These could have been saved in the past but fell away, then they "went out". If not why not?
  3. This passage is directed towards those who embraced the Gnostic teaching. These were blood bought believers who fell away from the faith exactly as the Bible prophesied they would.


  1. The Bible does teach ""Security of the believer" while the Christian remains faithful (2 Tim. 4:7­8). But if we become unfaithful, we have no such promise. "The wages of sin is death" (Rom. 6:23) ­even for an unfaithful child of God.

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