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  1. Introduction and overview to Roman Catholicism: Start here
  2. Irrefutable questions that Roman Catholics can't answer
  3. The Catholic church did not give the world the Bible by her authority!
  4. The apostate doctrine of Roman Catholic papal infallibility
  5. Extra-Biblical oral apostolic tradition does not exist today
  6. Sola Scriptura: Using the Bible only to the exclusion of oral church tradition
  7. The unbiblical apostate organization of the Roman Catholic church
  8. Massive list of Roman Catholic False doctrines
  9. The apocrypha is not inspired
  10. Tradition wars: The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches make the identical claim of apostolic succession, yet are so different they are not even in communion!
  11. Mariolatry: The worship and adoration of the Virgin Mary
  12. Doctrinal evolution: Roman Catholic doctrinal flip flops