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Title:The 10 commandments are Abolished Today
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The 10 commandments are Abolished Today

Christians keep the Law of Christ which is superior! 1 Cor 9:21; Gal 6:2

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Click to View Sabbatarians falsely say: "Adam, Noah and Abraham kept the Sabbath." Yet the Ten commandments and the Sabbath did not exist until Moses. Sabbatarians haven't comprehended the fact that the word "Sabbath" is never found in the book of Genesis. The first case of Sabbath keeping was in Exodus 16 at Mt. Sinai. Here Jehovah gave Moses the "Ten Commandments", for the first time in world history. If the Ten commandments did not exist before Moses, then neither did the 4th commandment unless we find some command or example before Moses. The truth is that Adam never kept the Sabbath, nor did Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph or anyone in while in Egyptian bondage!

Click to View The Ten Commandments are called, Statutes, Ordinances and Decrees. To the shock and horror of Seventh-day Adventists, they will learn they have been lied to by their leaders and that the 10 commandments are the ordinances that were abolished in Col 2:14 and Eph 2:15.

The major evidence that the 10 commandments abolished:

Click to View Romans 7:1-7 Comes right out and uses the same word for abolished of the 10 commandments that Eph 2:15 uses of what Sabbatarians say is the ceremonial law.

Click to View 2 Corinthians 3 Flat out says the 10 commandments are abolished in 4 places by using the same word for abolished as in Eph 2:15.

Click to View Ephesians 2:15 Commandments contained in ordinances" refers specifically to the 10 commandments

Click to View Galatians 3:24-25 Adventists say the whole book of Galatians deals only with the ceremonial law, but Gal 4 proves them wrong. This passage says we are no longer under the ten commandment law now that Christ has come.

Click to View Colossians 2:14-16 So clearly states the weekly Sabbath is abolished that Adventists are at a loss as to know what to do with it!

Click to View False distinction refuted: 10 commandments vs. ceremonial law is a man made distinction not found in the Bible!

Click to View 10 proofs that the 10 commandments are called "Statutes, Ordinances and Decrees" To the shock of Adventists, we have found 10 major texts in the Bible that come right out and call the 10 commandments "decrees... you know the equivalent word used in Col 2:14 and Eph 2:15.

Click to View The 10 commandments and the Sabbath were given ONLY to Jews, but Sabbatarians falsely state that the ten commandments are for all mankind from Adam to the second coming.

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Click to View Ten commandments are the first/old covenant that was abolished at the cross. The logic is irrefutable: 1. The Ten commandments are the Old Covenant: Ex 34:27-28 2. The Old Covenant was abolished: Heb 8:13 3. The Ten Commandments are therefore abolished!

Click to View Sabbath Keepers always misquote Matthew 5:17 as a proof text, that the Sabbath will endure as long as the earth stands. Simply stated, the passage says that Jesus came to fulfill the whole law (moral and ceremonial) and that none of the law would be abolished until it was fulfilled. Adventists take the incredible position that Jesus did not fulfill the law! Sabbatarians also press the expression, "not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law" as a proof text that the Sabbath is in force today! Problem is, this expression, as Jesus used it, included the whole Law of Moses including animal sacrifices. If "jot or tittle" is still in force today, the we must have both the Sabbath and animal sacrifices! Logic has never been a strong point with Seventh-day Adventists!

Click to View Jeremiah 3:14-17 proves the 10 commandments were to be abolished when Christ came.

Click to View Sabbatarians are taught that only "The Ceremonial Law" was abolished, not "The Ten Commandment law". The primary mistake they make is creating a false distinction between "The 10 Commandments" and "The Ceremonial Law". This distinction is foreign to the Bible!

This Sabbatarian chart is refuted

10 Commandments

The Ceremonial Law

God's law The Law of God The Ten Commandments Written by God Stone tablets Moral law Still in force today!

Moses Law The Law of Moses Ordinances and Decrees Written by Moses Book of the law Ceremonial law Nailed to the cross!

Click to View Jesus said, "Keep the commandments"! When Sabbatarians see the word "commandments" they think the word refers solely to the 10 commandments. But the truth is "Jesus commandments" are not the 10 commandments!

Click to View Sabbatarians attempt to make a false distinction in Revelation 12:17 and 14:12 saying the verses prove we must keep the 10 commandments in addition to the Gospel of Christ.

The Decepto-Meter goes crazy over this Adventist argument!

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Adventist Pastor said: "The next time a preacher tells you the law is done away with, just go to his church and break the eighth commandment and steal his offering and you'll find out real quick the law is not done away with." (Seventh-day Adventist Pastor in a public revelation seminar) Click here

Click to View When Adventists learn the Bible teaches that the 10 commandments are abolished today, their most common question is: If the Ten Commandments are abolished, we can steal and commit adultery. This statement is poorly thought out and is like suggesting that when a USA citizen travels to Canada, they are now permitted to murder because US law has no power in Canada. Obviously Canada has the same law against murder! Likewise, when the New Covenant (Law of Christ) replaced the Old Covenant (Law of Moses: the ten commandments) both contained many of the same moral laws. So just because the 10 commandments are abolished, the new Law of Christ is in force to prohibit 9 of the 10 commandments. Only the Sabbath law was not carried forward into the new covenant, being abolished forever! (Col 2:14-16)

Click to View Seventh-day Adventists bind ceremonial law of Moses by refusing to eat "unclean foods" like pork and collecting money through Tithing.

Click to View Sabbatarians incorrectly teach that the Royal law of James 2:8-12 is the Ten Commandment law. A simple reading of the passage will show that the "Royal law" is not one of the ten commandments, but a commandment from what Adventists call the "ceremonial law" (in the book, not on stone). Further, James is comparing the abolished Old Testament law (Royal law) with the New Law: The law of liberty! He is saying, "under the Old Testament law, (now abolished) we understood that we must keep every point... so to with the new Testament law".

Click to View Sabbath Keepers have an over inflated opinion of the 10 commandments calling the decalogue "Perfect". (The 10 commandments are never called perfect in scripture) They fail to realize that the 10 commandments are by themselves an incomplete law and God never intended the Jews or anyone to use them alone and they do not represent all of God's law.

Click to View Seventh-day Adventists are quick to point out that Ten commandments are quoted in the New Testament. This is true. But never the Sabbath command! But if Sabbatarians are correct, that if something from the Old Testament is merely quoted in the New Testament means we must keep them today, then we must keep the Jewish feasts of Passover, Pentecost and animal sacrifices!

Click to View Sabbatarians will argue that since the Ten Commandments were written in stone, that proves they will never be abolished!

Click to View Another common, but false argument that Sabbatarians will use to prove we must keep the Sabbath, is by saying "God never changes, therefore His 10 commandment law never changes". While it is true that God never changes, God's law has often changed. The statement is as illogical as it is unscriptural.

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Reading the "Frequently Asked Questions" will help you learn MUCH faster!

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