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Title:Christians worship on 1st Day: Ats 20:7 & 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
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Christians worshipped on the 1st Day! (Sunday)

Here are the Bible reasons why Christians must worship on Sunday.

Weekly Sunday Communion

Acts 20:7 proves weekly communion on Sunday (1st Day)

Weekly Sunday Giving

1 Corinthians 16:1-2 proves weekly church collection on Sunday (1st Day)

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Weekly Church Attendance every Sunday is Essential!

1st 23 reasons why the first day of the week, Sunday is significance and important exclusively to Christians.

1st Ps 118:22-26 actually prophecies the first day of the week! This messianic prophecy is about the new day God would make when Jesus rose from the dead: Sunday!

1st The first day of the week is a weekly memorial of Jesus' Resurrection While the Lord's Supper is a memorial of the Lord's death, the first day of the week is the weekly memorial of Christ's resurrection! We are told, not to remember Christ's birth on Dec 25, but his death every Sunday via Communion. We are told, not to remember Christ's resurrection once a year at "Easter", but every Sunday, a the anniversary of his resurrection!

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The Pentecost of Acts 2:1 fell on a Sunday (1st day)

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1st Sunday is the weekly memorial of the new creation and our deliverance from sin. Athanasius wrote in 345 AD "The Sabbath was the end of the first creation, the Lord's day was the beginning of the second, in which he renewed and restored the old in the same way as he prescribed that they should formerly observe the Sabbath as a memorial of the end of the first things, so we honor the Lord's day as being the memorial of the new creation" (Athanasius, On Sabbath and Circumcision 3).

1st Some over-zealous, but under-learned Sabbath keepers, will state the actual Greek words used in Acts 20:7 & 1 Cor 16:1 actually refer to the weekly Sabbath, not the first day of the week. They say "first day of the week" as all Bibles read, is a mistranslation. The only ones who say this are those who have no knowledge of Greek.

1st The Lord's Day is the first day of the week, the day Jesus rose from the dead.

1st History proves Christians always met on 1st Day and not the Sabbath, right back to the apostolic age. (33 AD) What is even more powerful is that early Christians called the first day, the Lord's Day because it was the day Jesus rose from the dead!

1st The primary meaning behind 1st day worship of Christ, is because that is the day Jesus rose from the dead! The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose on the first day. Some Sabbatarian groups, comprehending the power of this argument, actually teach that Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday and raised on Saturday.

1st Sunday is not the "Christian Sabbath"! Most churches teach that Sunday is the Sabbath and worship on the first day of the week. These churches are doing the right thing for the wrong reason, and Sabbatarians take advantage of the doctrinal confusion!

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Leo Schreven and other Seventh-day Adventists should be spanked for even quoting from these Bible trashers like The Paganism in Our Christianity, Arthur Weigall, because these same authors say BOTH Sunday and Sabbath are of pagan origin in the same books and articles! In fact we consider it dishonest to use Weigall's Sunday pagan quotes, without telling the reader that Weigall says the Sabbath is also of pagan origin! Bible trashers are the only ones Sabbatarians can find who say Sunday is of pagan origin!

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Officially, Seventh-day Adventist's teach that Sunday worshippers ARE THE Mark Of The Beast. Click to View Adventists teach the MARK OF THE BEAST is the act of worshipping Jesus on Sunday! With the liberalizing and modernizing of the Adventist church, recent converts are either unaware, or unwilling to accept the current and historic position of their church!

Does Daniel 7:25 prove Sabbath keepers are the mark of the beast? "He will make alterations in times and in law" (Daniel 7:25)

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Reading the "Frequently Asked Questions" will help you learn MUCH faster!

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