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Title:Doctrinal evolution: Roman Catholic doctrinal flip flops
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Body:Roman Catholic Doctrinal evolution: Doctrinal flip flops:

Click to View "Has the Catholic Church ever changed its teaching? No, for 2000 years the Church has taught the same things which Jesus taught." (Catholic Catechism for Adults, p. 57). Click to View "It is a historical fact the Catholic Church, from the twentieth century back to the first, has not once ceased to teach a doctrine on faith or morals previously held, and with the same interpretation; the church has proved itself infallible." (My Catholic Church, p. 145).

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"If only one instance could be given in which the Church ceased to teach a doctrine of faith which had been previously held, that single instance would be the death blow of her claim to infallibility." (Cardinal Gibbons, The Faith of Our Fathers, p74) "if it be not identical in belief, in government etc., with the primitive Church, then it is not the Church of Christ." (Catholic Facts, 27) "Catholic controversialists soon proved to the Protestants that to be logical and consistent they must admit unwritten tradition." (Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. XV, p. 7)

Click to View Officially, before Vatican 2 in 1965 AD, all non-Catholic churchgoers will go to HELL! Today it is different!

Click to View Sign of the cross not practiced by apostles but started in 9th century! Tertullian made the sign on the forehead. Today it is different! Click to View 53 Roman Catholic Doctrines not found in the Bible (1400 years of doctrinal evolution)

Click to View Marriage to non-Catholics was invalid until 1818 AD.

Click to View Eucharist: Withholding the communion cup from the laity began in 1416 AD.

Click to View Eucharist: Frequency of communion changed from weekly to daily in 500 AD.

Click to View Baptism changed from immersion to sprinkling in 1311 AD.

Click to View No infant baptism till 4th century.

Click to View No Pope was considered infallible until 1870 AD

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Here is a Picture of the Pope kissing the Qur'an. This is like kissing Satan! We are utterly shocked that any Christian would kiss the Koran.

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