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Title:Introduction and overview to Roman Catholicism: Start here Definition of a Roman Catholic
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Body:Click to View "Sometimes Truth makes Love hurt" "You are seeking to kill Me, a man who has told you the truth" Jn 8:40

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Definition of a Roman Catholic:

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Someone who believes:

The present roman catholic church organization in Rome is Christ's one true church established in 30 A.D.

The pope is a god-appointed head of the church on the earth.

The teachings and decrees of the pope as equal to the bible in authority.

The church as the infallible interpreter of scripture.

That tradition is equal to the bible in authority.

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Click to View Bulwarks of the Faith: Refuting Dogmas Catholicism and Protestant Denominationalism by FOY E. WALLACE JR.

Click to View There are a total of at least 67 Roman Catholic denominations in the world. There are 22 different liturgies within the Roman Catholic church (which we have graciously counted as 1) and 66 independent schisms.

The most important thing Roman Catholics must understand!

Catholics believe that the theocratic organization of the church determines what doctrine will be taught and practiced. The Bible is just one of many sources of religious authority. The truth is that the church itself has no authority at all, but gets all its directives from the Bible alone.

For a non-Catholic to charge the Roman Catholic church with false teaching is not comprehendible, for to a Catholic, doctrine is defined by the Organization. It is like telling God, He is wrong. God is the standard of right and wrong! To a Catholic, the Roman Catholic organization is the earthly standard of right and wrong and doctrine. Yet the truth is that the Bible, not the church, is the ultimate standard on earth of right and wrong. Jesus said that our standard of judgment would be his word, not what the pope says. John 12:48

Catholic Faith

New Testament Christianity

Click to View The church defines the Bible

Click to View The Bible defines the church

Click to View Church Organization supreme over the Bible

Click to View The Bible supreme over the church

Click to View Only Popes, bishops and priests can correctly interpret the Bible, not the common Catholic

Click to View Anyone can understand the Bible, depending upon the time they spend trying.

Click to View The Supreme doctrinal authority of Catholics is the Pope!

Click to View The Supreme doctrinal authority of Christians is Jesus Christ through the Bible only!

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