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Title:Archeology and the Temple in Jerusalem
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Body:The Temple in Jerusalem

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The History of Jerusalem and the temple


East orientation of Jewish temples and altars.

Archeological terrorism! Muslims use a bulldozer to excavate the Temple mount!

Detailed maps by Charles Wilson and Charles Warren in 1864-1871

Infrared Imaging of the Temple Mount

Detailed map by Frederick Catherwood, Plan of Jerusalem, 1835 AD (Olin, Stephen. Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petraea and the Holy Land. New York, 1844, vol. II.)

The Fortress of Antonia was built at the Dome of the Rock.

The wailing wall was built by "Hadrian" not "Herod"

Solomon's aqueduct that supplied water to the Temple.

Today, the temple mount level is 10-20 meters higher than is was in Jesus' day.

Today, the temple mount area is twice as large as it was in Jesus' day.

The Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon

Video: Ascent stairs from Siloam to Temple

A. "First and Second temple" terminology explained:

Although here were three temples built (Solomon 950 BC, Zerubbabel 515 BC, Herod 20 BC) historians speak of only "two temple periods". "Temple periods" are determined by continuous offering of sacrifices. While in Babylon for 70 years, sacrifices ceased, but there was continuous offering of sacrifices when Herod built the temple in 20 BC. So there are two "Temple periods" but three different temple buildings.

First temple Period: 950-586 BC

#1 Solomon 950 BC (first temple)

Babylonian Captivity

70 years sacrifices ceased

Second Temple period: 515- 70 AD

#2 Zerubbabel 515 BC (second temple) #3 Herod 20 BC (third temple)

B. Jesus prophesied the temple would be destroyed in 70 AD.

Matthew 24 Fulfilled in 70AD Destruction of Jerusalem

Flavius Josephus, Jewish historian, 75 AD, proves Mt 24 is fulfilled

Historical quotes from early Christians on 70AD and Mt 24

Prophetic language of Matthew 24

What is the abomination of Matthew 24?

What were the disciples really asking in Matthew 24?

Signs! Earthquakes, famines

The end will come after the Gospel preached to whole world!

Flee to the mountains!!!

The 4 major Parallel passages in the gospels

All these things will happen in THIS GENERATION

Actual siege map of destruction in 70AD by Roman armies

Historical quotes from early Christians on 70AD and Mt 24

Historical quotes from early Christians that the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 are fulfilled

Book written in 1805AD proving Mt 24 was fulfilled

C. Christians are the temple today, not some stone building!

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Christ's body = The church: "Christ is head over all things to the church, which is His body." Ephesians 1:22-23

"You are saints, God's household, having been built on the foundation of the apostles, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone, in whom the whole building is a holy temple in the Lord, a dwelling of God in the Spirit." Ephesians 2:19-22

D. The location of the Temple on the Temple Mount:

There are four places today where people locate the temple:

Over the threshing floor

Under the Al-Kas Fountain

We believe this is where Solomon built his temple on the temple mount we see today.

We call this view:

"Temple on top of the threshing floor"

Solomon built the temple on the threshing floor David bought. This is the only location on the temple mount that would be ideal for a threshing floor.

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On the Dome of the Rock

Solomon built the temple on the threshing floor David bought. The Dome of the rock is the highest point of the temple mount. Threshing floors were never built on hills, but in curved valleys, like directly under the Al Kas Fountain. Under the dome of the Rock, was where the Fortress of Antonia stood. In 135 AD, Hadrian filled in about 50 feet of earth over top of where the temple stood and enlarged the temple mount and built a temple of Jupiter where we see the Dome of the rock today. In 325 AD Contanstine tore down the Temple of Jupiter and assumed Hadrian built the temple of Jupiter on top of the spot where the temple of Solomon once stood. Constantine built an octagon church on the site. In 700 AD the Muslims found the foundations of Constanine's octagon church and built the dome of the Rock we see today.

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On the Dome of the Tablets

This view sees the Dome of the Tablets, pictured in the foreground below, as a vestigial remnant of the temple.

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Over the Gihon Spring

This view believes the entire area of the temple mount we see today was the fortress of Anonia and the temple of Solomon was built several hundred meters south, so that the holy of holies was directly over the Gihon Spring. Solomon built the temple on the threshing floor David bought. Of course threshing floors are never put anywhere near springs for the same reason toilets are not built in kitchens. The spring was all important and the threshing floor would be located far from the spring so chaff from threshing would not contaminate it. Also the temple was very dirty and unsanitary because of all the blood that had to be washed away from the animal sacrifices.

E. Charles Wilson's work in 1864 AD:

Charles Wilson was able to do much work on the temple mount and map caverns, cisterns and caves.

See more: 1864 AD field notes of Charles Wilson and Charles Warren

Here is the plan of Charles Warren and Charles Wilson: Click to View

Their drawing of the Dome of the Rock in 1864 AD: Click to View

F. The ascent stairs from Siloam to the Temple:

Here is an amazing animation done by the Museum in Israel regarding the ascent from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple.

The pool of Siloam was discovered in 2004 and in 2007, they discovered the actual ascent stairs that lead to the temple.

By following the Stairs, they can determine the exact location of the Temple on the temple mount.

Here is our page on the Pool of Siloam.

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Ascent stairs from Siloam to Temple

By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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