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Title:104 Adventist Pastors fired for rejecting the inspiration of Ellen G. White
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104 Adventist Pastors fired for rejecting the inspiration of Ellen G. White!

Some SDA members have been deceived by their leaders into thinking they don't have to accept White as prophet and can use only the Bible!

Testimonials: (Submit yours!)

I dropped my membership in the SDA church in 1981, of my own volition. I was never fired. The actual number of people who either resigned or were fired because of loss of faith in the SDA mission, I believe is a far higher number than what you list below. Few people, relatively speaking were fired. Many more, like myself, decided on our own that this was no place to be. (A.R., Virginia, May 2005)

"Hi, My name is Les Stambaugh, though I have never been an Adventist pastor myself, I did study to become one. I had my SDA church membership transfer from Astoria, Or. where I had been an elder in good standing, to Dillingham, Ak. where I moved in 1980, was blocked from taking place (Ironically I believed staunchly in EG White at that time.) The issue holding up my transfer had to do with my father, R. Glen Stambaugh. Dad had been the longest serving and much loved missionary pastor in the Alaska Mission of SDA ,and served as a pastor in Oregon and Washington states as well. But, Dad was at that time being called to give assurance of his belief in Ellen White in the Gold Hill, Or. church he was pastoring then. I was surprised to NOT see his name on your list of fired pastors, as the ultimate result for him was that he was fired (about 1982) by the Oregon Conf. of SDA., who, (also ironically), are responsible for telling him about the LIES about EG White. My father's story is a remarkable one reminiscent of Martin Luther and the diet at Verms. His congregations voted to reinstate him as pastor after he was" censured. " Surprisingly even a panel fellow SDA Denominational workers who examined his doctrinal beliefs voted to reinstate him. However at his reinstatement ceremony the Or. Conf. Pres asked him to reaffirm his belief in Ellen White and her writings stacked on top of the Bible in front of his congregation. After all they had told him, and all he had leaned in the process of the events he went through, he was amazed he could be asked such a thing and told them plainly so." (Submitted Feb. 2004)

Neal C. Wilson, President General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Life Member Ellen G. White Estate Board: "...when we come to the point as to whether one has to believe in Ellen White, to some degree or another, or accept her visions as real or simply an imagination or parroting what somebody else said - that one has to believe that these things were real visions in order to be a Seventh-day Adventist or to experience salvation - this church has never taken that position. I hope it never does... " (Neal Wilson, Pacific Union College Campus Chronicle 5/27/82)

The list:

Attached is a partial list of former SDA workers, mostly ordained ministers, who have been fired, pressured to resign, or reassigned voluntarily because they could not conscientiously "believe in Ellen White to some degree or another, or accept her visions as real". Their refusal to preach extrabiblical church doctrines led to excruciating circumstances and decisions for many who loved their church and wished only to proclaim God's Word unhindered by human traditions and creeds.

We ask our readers to supply us with any additions or corrections to this list

Albertson, Ivan, Teacher: Central California Conference

Bailey, Mike, Pashr: Oregon Conference

Barren, Grahem, Pastor: New Zealand

Bassch, Eric, Pastor: South Africa

Bassch, Eugene, Colporteur: South Africa

Bean, Harvey and Marlie, Teachers: Oregon Conference

Broad, Ray, Teacher: New Zealand

Broomhaul, Rod, Pastor: North Queensland, Australia

Bruington, Dean, Pastor: Iowa Conference

Campbell, Francis: President South African Union

Cannaday, Ron, Arizona

Cary, Tom, Pastor: South Africa

Chambers, Joe, Pastor : Western Australia

Champaign, Gary, Pastor: Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Coon, Glenn 111, Pastor: West Virginia - Mt. View Conference

Crandall, Alan, Doctoral Student: Andrews University

De Villiers, Brian, Worker South Africa

Dennis, Travis, Pastor Texas Conference

Dorsey, Ruth, Teacher: Washington Conference

Douglas, Gary, Pastor: West Virginia Mt. View Conference

Edwards, Calvin, Pastor: Missouri Conference

Ernesto Hernandez, CaliforniaAgafonoff, Sergie, Pastor,: Brisbane, Australia

Fahden, Lyall, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Finney, Conrad, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Ford, Desmond, Religion Professor: Australasian Division

Fredericks, Richard, Maryland

Garrison, Gary, Pastor: Central California Conference

Geddes, Charles, Teacher: Colorado Conference

Greenley, Ray, Pastor: Ohio Conference

Harper, John, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Harris, Ed, Pastor: Washington - Upper Columbia Conf.

Helppi, Rauno, Pastor: Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference

Higby, Bob, Pastor: Wisconsin Conference

Higby, Wally, Pastor: Northern California Conference

Honeycutt, Ronald, Pastor: Florida Conference

Hood, Paul, Pastor: Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Howard, Turner, Pastor: Georgia- Cumberland Conference

Howell, Dan, Teacher: Florida Conference

Huston, Ed, Pastor: Washington Conference

Jenner, Loren, Pastor: South Australia

Johnson, Rick, Teacher: Missouri Conference

Kaikainahaule, Bill, Pastor: Southern California Conference

Kellar, Don, Pastor: Northern California Conference

Kluzit, Victor, Pastor/Lit. Evang.: Texas Conference

Knight, David, Teacher: Colorado Conference

Kress, Michael, Graduate Student: Andrews University

LaBrecque, Alexander, Pastor: West Virginia-Mt. View Conference

Lamp, Herschel, M.D.: St. Helena Hosp. (Calif.)

Lawson, Chris, Teacher: Ontario Conference

Lemon, Duane, Pastor: Southern California Conference

Ludwig, Doug, Pastor: Kansas Conference

Luster, Chuck, Pastor: Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Maraccini, Rocky, California

Martin, Colin, Pastor: England

Martin, J. Mark

Mason, Noel, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Masters, George, Teacher: Central California Conference

McCauley, Norman, Pastor: Northern New England Conference

McCormack, Kevin, Pastor: Southern California Conference

McHarg, Winston, Pastor: Australia (resigned in advance)

McMurphy, Elmore, College Professor: Pacific Union College

Merrill, Ben, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Moorehead, Doug, Teacher: Florida Conference

Moran, Don, Literature Evangelist: Central California Conference

Newman, Ray, Pastor: New South Wales, Australia

Palmer, Bob, Pastor: Northern California Conference

Pangborn, Tom, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Parkin, Herb, Pastor: Western Australia

Patterson, Mark, Pastor: Northern California Conference

Peck, Clay, Colorado

Peisert, Greg, Pastor : Iowa Conference

Pitman, Hughie, Pastor: Florida Conference

Pobke, Wayne, Pastor: South Australia

Polglase, John, Pastor: Western Australia

Pursley, Mkhael, Pastor: Pennsylvania Conference

Ralph, Kevin, Pastor: Australia

Rapp, Jim, Pastor: Southern California Conference

Ratzlaff, Dale, Pastor: Central California Conference

Rea, Walter, Pastor: Southern California Conference

Rendalen, Aage, Editor: Norway (actually withdrew from church over doctrinal reasons, not fired)

Retief, P.J., Pastor: South Africa

Rollings, Dean, Pastor: Queensland, Australia

Ruppert, Greg, Pastor: Northern California Conference

Saladino, Joe, Pastor: Kansas Conference

Schafer, Gary, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Schuster, Craig, Pastor: Alabama-Mississippi Conference

Sellers, Dennis, Evangelist : Washington - Upper Columbia Conf.

Shumate, Gordon, Pastor: Singapore

Smith, Neville, Pastor: South Australia (Victoria)

Stambaugh, R. Glen: Oregon Conference of SDA

Suessenbach, Heinz, Pastor: Western Australia

Summers, Lloyd, Pastor: Oregon Conference

Swanepoel, Martin, Pastor : South Africa (Transvaal Conf.)

Taylor, Greg, North Carolina

Toews, John, Pastor: Southeastern California Conference

van Rooyen, Smuts, Religion Prof.: Andrews University

Vorhies, Wayne, Pastor: Colorado Conference

Waterhouse, Wayne, Pastor: Texas Conference

Waterworth, David, Pastor: South Australia

Weaver, Bruce, Pastor: Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Wells, Dan, Pastor: Southeastern California Conference

Willruth, Bart, Doctoral Student: Andrews University

Winger, Nordon, Pastor: Northern California Conference

Zapara, John, Pastor: Northern California Conference


Number of SDA Pastors fired

Alabama -Mississippi


Andrews Uniuerslty


Arkansas -Louisiana


Australia/New Zealand




















Northern New England










South Africa






Upper Columbia




West Virginia




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