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Title:Psychiatry damages society and individuals
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Psychiatry damages society and individuals The mental health system causes harm to both individuals and society as a whole.

Psychiatric chamber of horrors: more

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(leucotomy or psychosurgery)


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)


Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)


Deep brain stimulation (DBS)



Historically, the real medical community viewed Psychiatry as junk science, but that all changed in the 60's with the dawn of the DSM. (Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of mental disorders) This manual created the appearance of legitimacy to the mental health industry in general and formed the basis of a billing structure like medical doctors.

People are unaware of just how much damage Psychiatry and mental health industry do overall. Yes there are things they do that are good, but the net effect is definitely negative.

A. What honest Psychiatrists and Psychologists say about their own industry:

Veteran psychologist Tana Dineen sums it all up perfectly: "The Psychology industry is separating people from their families, their communities and their churches, promoting stereotypic and hostile views of men and women, degrading friendship, and generally promoting distrust and suspicion. While no one would condone serious abuse, the Psychology industry re-interprets vague recollections, making minor events sinister. And while no one would excuse domestic violence, the Psychology industry blurs the concept and ignores the context. The Psychology Industry promotes fear and inequality, treating all interpersonal relationships as potentially threatening. It is teaching people to see others as potential enemies, to be monitored, scrutinized and accused. As a result, it is squelching the human tendencies to trust, to flirt, to seduce, to argue and yell, to assume responsibility, to be cautious, to take risks, to be passionate, to make the right choices and to make mistakes." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 272)

"Two hundred years ago, madness was allocated to the madhouse; the use of force was overt and everyone recognized that mad-doctoring meant coercion. Today, mental illness is located in society; it is everywhere-in the home, the school, the workplace, the prison, the nursing home, as well as the mental hospital; the use of force is, for the most part, covert, and few people realize that psychiatry means coercion." (Coercion as Cure, Thomas Szasz, 2007 AD, p 61)

"The effects on individuals, relationships and social institutions constitute the most egregious harm inflicted by the Psychology Industry. They threaten the fabric of society and the principles upon which it relies. But the Psychology Industry is harmful also in other, sweepingly pervasive ways." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 270)

"The Psychology industry is not concerned about, and would prefer to overlook, the damage it wreaks not only on users but also on society as a whole. ... What is overlooked entirely is the larger social effect of the industry, how the Psychology industry is manipulating everyone to accept its mythology and how it is using its persuasion to enforce conformity." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 270)

"McCord identifies three factors that may contribute to the harmful effects: encouraged dependency, false optimism and externalized responsibility; all of which are likely effects of many services promoted now by the Psychology Industry." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 121)

"With a general public sensitized to problems as having a psychological cause, it would be difficult to convince people that the services now so energetically promoted both in the private and public sectors, are not only ineffective but harmful. By and large, the public believes that it is better to do something than to do nothing and that psychologists know what they are doing." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 280)

"In another instance involving multiple personalities, an angry former patient confronted her psychologist, "Don't you think it is odd that no one is getting better and that everyone wants to cut and kill themselves after they get into therapy with you?" ... he responded by saying, "And which personality am I speaking to now?" (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 75, From The Fifth Estate, CBC TV)

"If these shocking presumptions were not an actual description of the current state of the Psychology industry, they might be laughable. But regrettably, these simplistic theories are widely applied and widely accepted in a society that naively trusts psychologists to be scientific and objective, optimistic and positive, and caring and other-oriented." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 266)

B. How Psychiatry damages society and individuals:


Denying you are sick, when you aren't because you know you are actually lazy, is proof of insanity?

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Forced committal to asylum

Read the horror stories

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Forced drugging of Children with Ritalin.

Giving any child Ritalin is child abuse.

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Brain damage from Neuroleptic Drugs!

Anti-psychotic drugs cause permanent brain damage and can make a normal person into a lethargic zombie unable to work. Neuroleptics are how society drugs their problem people into submission.

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Psychiatric drugs cause diabetes

25% of Psychiatric drug users develop diabetes.

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Brain Damage from Shock Treatments!

450 volts at 1 amp for 5 seconds through the brain literally fries dura matter of your brain. Destroying and killing brain cells through electricity is how your psychiatrist thinks he can help you.

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Has society labeled you "biologically-impaired"?

Millions are labeled "biologically-impaired" for the rest of their life because psychiatrists claim they have a chemical imbalance in their brain that cannot be fixed. Marriages have ended in divorce for fear of passing the mental illness on to children they planned to have in the future.

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Lost profits & Tax dollars on "stress leave"

From employees who take a few months off with "stress leave" to soldiers who fake PTSD, the cost is enormous to companies, governments and taxpayers!

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Children's Aid Society & "psychiatric assessments"

CAS legally kidnap your kids to get Government funds while you must prove to them you are a fit parent through a junk science. This takes up to 40 weeks and costs the family up to $35,000.

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Bankrupting families with court ordered "assessments"

Mothers in child custody disputes will get their lawyer to ask the court for a family "assessment" by a "Psychologist". All the while mothers have custody of the kids, fathers pay for it and pop psychologists get rich!

Bankrupting governments with psychiatric welfare

The iatrogenic drug epidemic that leads to permanent psychiatric welfare.

There is a direct link between the incidence of psychiatric drug prescription rates of children on Ritalin and the number of adults on public assistance from psychiatric disability.

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Psychiatrists falsely imprison innocent people "repressed memory syndrome" "bogus satanic ritual sexual child abuse" "implanting false childhood sexual abuse memories into adults" The bogus Satanic Ritual sex abuse sandals

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Its not my fault, I can't help myself! Psychiatry allows criminals to go free by denying personal responsibility through "mentally insane" pleas! Click to View

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Psychiatry gives false hope and no solutions!

"psychologists are selling the public a bill of goods, making promises about happiness, health and safety which they cannot fulfill". Jesus offers real hope, real solutions and always delivers the goods!

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IQ testing: eugenics, sterilization, the holocaust

Intelligence testing (IQ testing) is junk science that led to sterilization laws, eugenics, and Hitler's holocaust where he culled evolutionary misfits to create the "supreme race, fuelled by Darwinism. Psychiatrists are responsible for all the [bogus] "science" behind it!

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Psychiatry's money grab & Pharmaceuticals

One factor that seduces the Psychiatry industry towards the chemical/biological approach is the money the drug company's offer!

Psychiatric chamber of horrors Exhibit #1: Lobotomy

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In 1935 AD: the lobotomy (leucotomy or psychosurgery)

If you enjoy Chinese food, then you will love having two chop sticks shoved into your eye socket into your brain to physically cut the nerve connections between the left and right frontal lobes!

Psychiatric chamber of horrors Exhibit #2: ECT

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In 1938 AD: Electroconvulsive Therapy, (ECT)

If you are feeling blue then enjoy the same amount of electricity shocking your brain as a 500 watt halogen light and when you are done, you will really be black and blue, but you won't remember anything about it. And that university education? Gone too! Forgotten!

Psychiatric chamber of horrors Exhibit #3: TMS

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In 1985 AD: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

If you still believe in Phrenology (1815 AD) that taught your personality traits are located in separate little compartments of your brain, you can get a nice little electric shock "tune up" to improve your bad social skills.

Psychiatric chamber of horrors Exhibit #4: VNS

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In 2005: Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

If you like the idea of a pacemaker that physically wraps around the major vagus nerve running down your neck and delivers electric shocks, this will make you very happy!

Psychiatric chamber of horrors Exhibit #5: DBS

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In 2009: Deep brain stimulation (DBS)

If you like having two meat thermometers pushed into your brain to give you electric shocks, you will love this!

Psychiatric chamber of horrors Exhibit #6: A Biopsychiatrist

A Biopsychiatrist is always thinking of new ways to drug, shock and cut up your body. If that doesn't work he is happy to commit you against your will to an asylum.

By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

Send us your story about your experience with modern Psychiatry

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