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Title:Casebook of Biblical Psychiatry Version 7: Real Mental Illnesses, Cases, People, Causes, Solutions
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Body:The case of "Waterfall" (Schizophrenia)

Casebook of Biblical Psychiatry © Version 7 (CBP-7)

Based upon

Real Mental Illnesses Real Cases Real People Real Causes Real Solutions

Casebook of Biblical Psychiatry© brings the principles of Biblical Psychiatry to life based upon real-world cases and familiarizes Christians with different types of situations. This practical companion volume to Biblical Psychiatry© includes not only diagnosis, but also in-depth discussions by experienced Christians for Biblical approaches to treatment. This meticulously detailed volume of dynamic real-life case studies is simply a "must read" for all clinical Psychiatrists, mental health care professionals and Christians interested in expert opinion on today's treatment approaches. Psychiatric students, educators, and practitioners-as well as social workers, nurses, medical physicians, and interested laypersons-will find this unique volume of inestimable value in their day-to-day work.

The case of "Waterfall"

(Schizophrenia) see also the case of "Subterranean"

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The case of "Waterfall" see also the case of "Subterranean"

Biopsychiatric labels DSM-5

Schizophrenia, hysteria

Checklist Behaviours DSM-7

Adultery, laziness, deception, lying

Insights MMPI-7

Quick Pick EDS-7.1

Sloth: duty shirking, dependency, Insanity

Complaints: I am unhappy (with my husband)

Self-disablement EDS-7.2

Escape home life duty in asylum

Chemical imbalance EDS-7.3

Benefits EDS-7.4

Escape duty or life situation: EDS-7.4.4

Control over others: EDS-7.4.6

Invalidate God's law: Desire for divorce without adultery: EDS-7.4.9

Smokescreen for secret sin that is soon to be discovered: EDS-7.4.10

Avoid deserved rebuke, criticism, shame: EDS-7.4.11

Monetary EDS-7.5


Annoyance Scale EDS-7.6


Diagnostic Laws EDS-7.7

Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB

Law of Annoyance Toleration Threshold (ATT) EDS-7.7.5.ATT

Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR

Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD

Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT

Law of Pediatric Multifarious Obfuscation (PMO) EDS-7.7.12.PMO

Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP

Determine the Problem

She was in an unhappy marriage and wanted an escape.

Ask a Child

Mommy isn't very happy when she is home and fights with daddy a lot. EDS-7.7.12.PMO

5 years later EDS-7.7.LPT

She repented and returned to her husband.

The case of "Waterfall"

1725 AD: Patrick Blair, physician and botanist of Boston, Lincolnshire. (Cure of Mad Persons by the Fall of Water, Patrick Blair, 1725 AD)

A married Woman . . . became mad, neglected everything, would not own her husband nor any of the Family, kept her room, would converse with nobody but kept spitting continually, turning from any that turn'd from her and chiding any who put their hand in their sides, telling them she was not a whore . . .

These Symptomes requir'd great preparation of the vitiated humors before she could undergo such an operation; frequent bleedings [bloodletting], violent Emeticks [vomit inducing drugs], strong purgatives [diarrhea inducing drugs] and potent Sudorificks [drug that induces sweating] and Narcoticks [opium] were not wanting, nor did I fail to let her have sutable and specifick Alteratives, but none of them answered the design nor workt for a wish'd for advantage. In this course I continued her for 1 month, now it was time to come to a salivation which I usually have recourse in such cases . . . she became insensibly to have the use of her Reason and after 5 weeks under this second course of physick she began to enquire more seriously into the state of domestic affairs at the servants who came to see her, spoke more kindly to them, shew'd a desire to be at home, quitted much of her former gestures speeches and behaviour, was obedient when reprov'd because of them and gave all signs of recovery except that of the dislike to her husband and yet she would sometimes allow herself to be called by his name which she could not endure before.

Observing these alterations I train'd her into the Engine house putting her in hopes of getting home from thence that night but when she went into the Room in which she was to Lay I ordered her to be blindfolded. Her nurse and other women stript her. She was lifted up by force, plac'd in and fixt to the Chair in the bathing Tub. All this put her in an unexpressable terrour especially when the water was let down. I kept her under the fall 30 minutes, stopping the pipe now and then and enquiring whether she would take to her husband but she still obstinately deny'd till at last being much fatigu'd with the pressure of the water she promised she would do what I desired on which I desisted, let her go to bed, gave her a Sudorifick as usual. She slept well that night but was still obstinate.

I repeated the bleeding and other preparatory doses.

A week after I gave her another Tryal by adding a smaller pipe so that when the one let the water fall on top of her head the other squirted it in her face or any other part of her head neck or breast I thought proper. Being still very strong I gave her 60 minutes at this time when she still keept so obstinate that she would not promise to take to her husband till her spirits being allmost dissipated she promised to Love him as before. Upon this she was laid a bed as formerly but next day she was still obstinate.

Evacuations being endeavoured for 2 or 3 dayes more I gave her the 3rd Tryal of the fall and continued her 90 minutes under it, promised obedience as before but she was as sullen and obstinate as ever the next day.

Being upon resentment why I should treat her so, after or 3 dayes I threatned her with the fourth Tryal, took her out of bed, had her stript, blindfolded and ready to be put in the Chair, when being terrify'd with what she was to undergo she kneeld submissively that I would spare her and she would become a Loving obedient and dutifull Wife for ever thereafter. I granted her request provided she would go to bed with her husband that night, which she did with great chearfullness . . .

About 1 month afterwards I went to pay her a visit, saw every thing in good order . . .

Being thus successful I was willing to know the pounds of water and the pressure of her strength was able to undergo . . By . . . Calculation it appear'd that in 90 minutes there was 15 Ton of water let fall upon her ... In a word I have made such an Improvement of this Cataractick way of cold Bathing that as its the most effectual so its the safest method of curing mad people for I can calculate or measure the water as it falls to the weight of 1 oz. and sink the patients spirits even to a deliquium without the least hazard of their Lives which dare not be ventured by plunging or immersion which they have hitherto made use of in such cases. (Cure of Mad Persons by the Fall of Water, Patrick Blair, 1725 AD)


This case happened in the middle of the period in history when men would use mad houses to dispose of their virtuous wives. Unwanted wives would be taken by force against their will to a mad house at the husband's command and of course, money. These wicked men would sometimes be wanting to get control of their wife's money. There were countless abuses and women were often innocent victims of evil husbands. These wives were sent to the mad house, not because they were insane, but because the husbands were disposing of them.

The case of Waterfall, however, is different. This woman was insane and her loving husband sent her to the mad house for good reason in a genuine effort to "fix her". However, we see that the central issue is that this woman hated her husband. We are not told any details of why. It may be that he was an evil monster of a man to live with or it may be he was an angel. If he was a monster, then her insanity simply gave him justification for sending her to the mad house. But the indications are that the man really did love his wife and wanted to have a normal, peaceful marriage. Either way, she was insane when she was brought to the mad house and torture cured her.

Here we have a woman, who is unhappy with her husband and home life. She refused to be referred to as "Mrs. Xxx" because it was her husband's last name. She had probably committed adultery on him (her constant denials she was not a whore) and was looking for some way of escaping him. Her solution was insanity, known historically as hysteria. The social barriers of a woman in 1725 AD leaving her husband for no reason were large and resulted in great same, being socially ostracized and marking for life as a divorcee. It mattered now if she believed in Bible which forbad her leaving in such cases. Mt 19:9. She didn't even have to believe in God. It was the purely social barriers (based on the bible) that were the source of her resistance.

Although not specifically states, it appears that the doctor knew the woman's real problem of insanity was caused by her desire to leave her husband. He noted that she went around denying she was an adulteress. This is a rather obvious indication that either she had cheated, or her husband was accusing her of cheating for some good reason. In sum, you have an insane woman who hates her husband and goes around denying she is a whore. Strip away the diagnosis and you have core behaviours of an unfaithful wife wanting to escape an unhappy marriage.

Blair's treatment of her is grounded on humoral medicine. He begins with the usual humoral remedies:

Blair write:

"These Symptomes requir'd great preparation of the vitiated humors before she could undergo such an operation [water boarding];

1. frequent bleedings [bloodletting],

2. violent Emeticks [vomit inducing drugs],

3. strong purgatives [diarrhea inducing drugs]

4. potent Sudorificks [drug that induces sweating]

5. Narcoticks [opium]

This illustrates the essential method of torture used to cure the insane for hundreds of years. The basic formula is to wear them down physically so they don't have the energy to play the game of schizophrenia. It's like asking someone who is sea sick if they want to go out dancing. Modern psychiatric drugs work the same way, except they scale back executive function to the person finds no enjoyment in dancing or anything else. Today's neuroleptic drugs kind of chemical lobotomy, a dumbing down, a zombification of the individual. In 1725 AD, they would make the person sweat, vomit, have diarrhea, remove blood and generally make them feel about as bad as a person could physically that their only desire was to escape by choosing to act sanely again. It worked then and it would work today.

He notes that this medical torture actually brought her back to her senses, except that she still refused to be called by the name of her husband or sleep with him. So now she was going to enter her main treatment: "cure of mad persons by the fall of water".

He blindfolded the naked woman and tied her to the chair in his water torture machine in a deliberate effort to terrorize her. Then then 18,000 gallons of water was dropped on her over an hour from a height of 35 feet. In addition to this, Blair sprayed a large hose of water at her face, neck and breasts for periods of up to an hour. All this the US military has used to change a terrorist's will into disclosing which train station the next Muslim terrorist bombing plan to strike. The key is that if insanity was a disease, torture would not cure it. Torture changes behaviour choices and cannot cure cancer.

In 1725 AD, Patrick Blair, Doctor, perfected a system of torture that cured the insane that he learned of from Franciscus Helmont in 1694.

See also: Cure of Mad Persons by the Fall of Water, Patrick Blair, 1725 AD

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Whereas Helmont lowered a bound mad man, head first into a large tank of water, Blair dropping large volumes of water on the head of a mad man seated and bound in a chair. Most important is that both Helmont and Blair viewed the cause of insanity to be spiritual choices of men rather than bodily diseases. For this reason, water torture was an effective way of convincing the mad man to stop his insane behaviour. Blair and Helmont boast that this method indeed cured the insane! Blair would blind fold people before the procedure as a way of further inducing terror of death. Whereas Helmont reported many downed from his cure, Blair never lost a patient! His final device included a large pump that elevated 18,000 gallons of water 35 feet in the air above the person strapped to a chair below. (Cure of Mad Persons by the Fall of Water, Patrick Blair, 1725 AD)

See also: Water boarding has been used to cure the insane since 1694 AD.

In 1828 AD, Sir Alexander Morison, Doctor, illustrated two torture machines widely used between 1725 AD and 1850 AD to cure the insane: Water treatment and the Swing. The fact they were so widely used and indeed cured the insane, is historic proof that mental illness is not a bodily disease or chemical imbalance in the brain, but a spiritual choice made by the "patient". (Cases of Mental Disease, with Practical Observations, Sir Alexander Morison, 1828 AD)

Blair's method cured the woman of her insanity. His two methods underscore that schizophrenia is a behaviour choice not a disease.

1. Method 1: Blair made her feel so incredibly psychically sick and nauseous through drugs that she suddenly welcomes going back to her unhappy home.

2. Method 2: Blair made her so unpleasant through water boarding, that she viewed sleeping with her hated husband as an upgrade.

See also:

Husbands often shipped their disobedient wives to the mad house in the 18th century.

Obviously, she was just as unhappy at home and likely hated her husband just as much as before, only now she was not shirking her life duty as a housewife and mother. She had tried insanity as an escape route and realized it was more work and trouble than just putting up with sex on demand and doing housework. She chose not to leave her husband, like most women today would do, because of the social pressures, sigma, shaming and marking she would have to endure for life.

Benefits from behaviour: This illustrates the Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

Escape duty or life situation: EDS-7.4.4. She was very unhappy at home and hated her husband so she fabricated psychotic behaviours as an escape.

Control over others: EDS-7.4.6. When she was normal, her husband was in control. When she was insane, she was in control and could escape her husband's commands.

Invalidate God's law: Desire for divorce without adultery: EDS-7.4.9. The social, and possibly religious barriers (Mt. 19:9) to her just leaving her husband were so enormous that her only option was insanity.

Smokescreen for secret sin that is soon to be discovered: EDS-7.4.10. She was likely sleeping around on her husband, as her "I am not a whore" statements indicate. Knowing that the shaming of an adulterer was about the same as if she just left her husband, she fabricated schizophrenic behaviours to decoy attention away from the fact she wanted to leave her husband and may have cheated on him.

5. Avoid deserved rebuke, criticism, shame: EDS-7.4.11. There was great same in leaving her husband in 1725 AD.

Diagnostic laws that are seen illustrated in the case of "Waterfall":

The wife had calculated that the cost of being labeled insane and living in an asylum was worth the benefit of escaping her unhappy home life and the husband she hated. Torture cures insanity because it added unforeseen costs to her cost/benefit calculation. Before her two phase torture began, the asylum looked like a bargain. But at the end of her "water treatment" the cost of her insanity was far more than the benefit she derived from leaving her husband. This illustrates the Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB

When the husband found her excessively annoying or was angry enough that she wouldn't sleep with him, he shipped her to the mad house to fix her (which they did) Remember, in 1725 AD, the husband was the one who was paying AND instructing the doctors what to do. Husbands often shipped their disobedient wives to the mad house in the 18th century. This illustrates the Law of Annoyance Toleration Threshold (ATT) EDS-7.7.5.ATT

She knew exactly why she was acting insane and knew the medical theory behind the treatments to fix her were bogus. However she needed to endure them all in order to be labeled as incurable and be allowed to leave her husband in the peace of the asylum. However, her endurance gave in and she chose to go home. All Blair's diagnostic discussion about her "humors" being out of balance reinforced he had no idea what he was talking about. Given the fact that Humoral medicine with its bloodletting is not extinct, she knew more than all the doctors of her day! She knew it was a behaviour choice. This illustrates the Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR

Clearly, her insanity was a decoy to attract attention away from the fact that she wanted to leave her husband. This illustrates the Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD

At the beginning of the five years, she was acting insane at home with a man she hated. At the end of 5 years, she was performing her wife duty with a man she hated like before. This is not where she wanted to be at the end of five years, but the torture changed her mind and she returned home into the loving arms of her husband. This illustrates the Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT

We look back at the silly diagnosis of Blair based upon humoral medicine and laugh. All they really needed was to ask a child what the problem was: She hates daddy. This illustrates the Law of Pediatric Multifarious Obfuscation (PMO) EDS-7.7.12.PMO

7. She knew the same of being discovered as an adulterer and/or leaving her husband would bring upon herself huge rebuke and shaming that would follow her for life. However, she wanted to leave her husband and escape her unhappiness. Once she had decided to "cross the electric fence" she started to fabricate strange behaviours and squeals like a warthog in advance of the pain. This illustrates the Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP

This story may be offensive to some. But this is psychiatry which throughout history has always cured through torture, imprisoning, drugging, shocking and damaging the body through surgery. It matters not if the woman's husband was a monster or an angel. She entered the mad house insane and the torture cured her. Blair told this story as one of many examples of how "cure of madness by the fall of water" actually worked. So there was much more to this story than a rebellious and unsubmissive wife who hated her husband and refused to sleep with him. If the man merely wanted to dispose of his wife, he would have paid to keep her locked up in the mad house like other wicked men had done. He was different in that his goal was to resume a normal marriage relationship. While there are evil husbands, this is the case of an evil wife. The reason this story is important is because it proves insanity is a behaviour choice that can be modified through torture. Blair and many others for hundreds of years used water boarding and other methods like the swing as a way to cure schizophrenia. Torture cures schizophrenia but cannot cure any genuine medical disease. This man chose torture to force his wife into submission. Muslim men beat their wives into submission with the full support of a verse commanding them to do so in the Koran reinforce by Sharia law. The Christian husband knows that he has no power to control or force his wife to submit to him and views all coercion as sin. Submission is entirely the behaviour choice of the wife. Some wives must put up with cold hearted, unloving and cruel husbands. Some husbands must put up with rebellious wives.

By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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