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Title:Comparison list of 25 Isaac/Christ Shadows, Types, Antitypes and similarities
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Body:Isaac as a Type of Christ

A list of 25 similarities

Gen 22; John 8:56; Hebrews 11:17-19; Acts 20:28; Rev 5:9

Comparison Chart of 25 Isaac/Christ Shadows, Types, Antitypes and similarities

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List of 25 ways Isaac was a type of Christ: Genesis 22

"Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad." John 8:56

"Abraham received him back as a type." Hebrews 11:17-19; Acts 20:28; Rev 5:9

Steven Rudd, March 2024


1. The substitutionary sacrifice of a ram in place of Issac was a type of the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ in place of us.

2. Child sacrifice was widely practiced at the time of Abraham in all cultures and religions of the world. When God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his own son, Abraham was not surprised and willingly complied, concluding it was normal. However, Abraham also reasoned that God would raise Isaac from the dead after he killed him, to fulfill the promise of many descendants through Isaac.

3. Abraham is a type of God the Father because the name Abram means "exalted father" in Hebrew.

4. The universal opinion of all early Christians was that Isaac was as a type of Christ's resurrection, not of believers. Jesus specifically confirms he is the intended object of the type in John 8:56.

5. Forward type: Isaac to Christ Heb 11:19.

6. Reverse type of 3 days: Christ back to Isaac: Lk 24:46 + Gen 22:4; Jn 8:56


Jesus Christ

1. Birth prophesied

Gen 17:16

Isa 7:14; Lk 1:31

2. Birth proclaimed by angel

Gen 18:10; Heb 13:2

Gabriel: Lk 1:26-31

3. Miraculous conception

Gen 17:17; 18:10-15; 21:1-2; Heb 11:11

Virgin: Isa 7:14; Mt 1:18; Lk 1:30-35

4. Only Begotten Son

"Your son, Your only son": Gen 22:2,12; Heb 11:17

"only begotten son": Jn 1:14,18; 3:16

5. Beloved son

Gen 22.2

Mt 3:16; Mk 9:7

6. Son of promise

Gen 18:10; Rom 9:9; Gal 4:22-26

Gen 3:15; 2 Sam 7:12; Isa 7:14; 9:6; 11:1; Isa 43:2; Acts 13:32-33

7. Whole world blessed

Gen 22:18

Gal 3:8,16; 1 Jn 2:2

8. Mt. Moriah

Isaac sacrificed on Moriah: Gen 22:2; David bought Mt Moriah: 1 Chron 21:14-30; Solomon built temple: 2 Chr 3:1; Holy of Holies was where Abraham physically sacrificed Isaac.

Christ crucified on Mt Moriah at Golgotha: John 19:17-18

9. Submitted to father, obedient to death

Gen 22:6-9

Lk 22:42; Jn 6:38; Phil 2:8

10. Undeserving of death

Innocent child, committed no capital crime

Is 53:9; 2 Cor 5:21; 1 Pet 2:21

11. Carried wood for sacrifice

Gen 22:6

John 19:17

12. Others carried wood

Donkey: Gen 22:3

Simon: Mark 15:21

13. Some didn't go to place of sacrifice

Servants stayed back: Gen 22:5

Apostles fled: Zech 13:7; Mt 26:31; Jn 16:32; 18:8-9; Mk 14:50

14. Donkey

Accompanied Isaac entering Jerusalem, and/or he rode on donkey: Gen 22:3

Triumphal entry: Zech 9:9; Mt 21:7

15. Questioned father about sacrifice

Gen 22:7

Mark 14:36; Mt 26:39,42

16. Bound before sacrifice

Gen 22:9

Matt 27:2

17. Laid on top of wood

Laid on top of wood: Gen 22:9

Laid on top of wood when they nailed him to the cross: Acts 2:23

18. Burnt offering

6 times: Gen 22:2,3,6,7,8,13

1 Pet 2:24; Heb 10:5-10

19. Two others present

2 youth servants: Gen 22:3

2 thieves: Mt 27:38

20. Lamb/ram

Lamb intended: Gen 22:7-8. Adult ram: v13

Jesus called lamb, but age 30 in John 1:29

21. Substitute sacrifice

Lamb substituted for Isaac: v13

Isaiah 53:4-5; 1 Pet 1:19; 1 Cor 5:7, 1 Pet 2:24; Heb 9:28.

22. Thorns on head

Ram head caught in thorns: Gen 22:13

Crown of thorns: Mt 27:29; Hosea 13:14

23. Angel sent before death

Angel stopped Abraham: Gen 22:11

Angels encouraged: Lk 22:43

24. Resurrection on 3rd day

Gen 22:4; Heb 11:19

1 Cor 15:4; "It is written" in Lk 24:46 = Gen 22:4 + Jonah 1:17

25. Saw their offspring

Gen 25:21; Ex 1:7

Isa 53:10; Ps 22:30; Gal 4:27 + Heb 2:10

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By Steve Rudd: March 2024: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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