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593 BC Nubian Expedition of Psammetichus II, Demotic papyri in...
1: Zedekiah, Matteniah King of Judah 597-587 BC The Chronological...
Zedekiah, Last King of Judah: 597-587 BC Archaeologists are digging up bible stories 2 Kings 24:17-25:7; 2 Chronicles 36:10-13 The Chronological Bible Only Commentary Quick links ...

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2: 690-570 BC: Egyptian Pharaohs of Babylonian Captivity: Tirhakah...
Egyptian Pharaohs of the Babylonian Captivity: 690-570 BC . EGYPT: Tirhakah | Psamtik I | Neco II | Psamtik II | Hophra | Amesis II | JUDAH: Manasseh | Josiah | Jehoiakim| Zedekiah ...

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