A Review of the
The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada
(Formerly: Canadian Evangelical Christian Churches)
"Ten Articles of Faith"
"Position Statement"

Our Confession Of Faith
The ten Articles of Faith is considered to be the Doctrinal Statement of the Canadian Evangelical Christian Church. We do not advocate any other doctrine unless it is consistent with whole counsel of God's Word, and does not engender fear, division or confusion. Our ministers and clergy are at liberty to hold other personal opinions and Christian doctrinal beliefs, or important matters pertaining to dress code, hair length, observations of days, and informal or formal worship etc., outside of the Articles of Faith without the restraints of ecclesiastical powers. The brotherhood and sisterhood of the CECC in Canada is a product of and a moving force in the great "Second Reformation." This has fanned the blaze of a spiritual fire of religious freedom that has burned brighter through the years. It held spiritual UNITY as its benchmark and goal of returning to a more apostolic format not unlike the first century church. Our brotherhood came into existence because of a growing conviction concerning a united Church, the "One Body of Christ." There was no attempt to do away with any other church or form a new division within the Protestant Movement, but CECC is bringing together all those who want and need a direct relationship with Jesus Christ without the limitations of a church hierarchy or a bureaucratic system which was once the characteristic of the medieval system. We have no creed but Christ, and no book but the Bible. Our biblical standard allows our ministers to walk in the freedom of Christian unity and love by following the motto:

"Unity in the essentials - Liberty in the non-essentials - Charity in all things."

Ten Articles of Faith

  1. The Bible as the written Word of God
  2. The Virgin Birth
  3. The Deity of Jesus the Christ
  4. The Person and work of the Holy Spirit
  5. The Trinity
  6. Salvation through the Atonement
  7. The guidance of our life through prayer
  8. The death and resurrection of Christ
  9. The return of the Saviour
  10. The millennial Reign of Christ

We affirm that the above ten Articles of Faith is considered in CECC to be "The Essentials" and beyond these Articles of Faith there is no stress laid on believing and committing to other Christian doctrines. Anyone subscribing to these may become a member of the Body and Assembly of CECC. These Articles of Faith are the cornerstones upon CECC rests and upon which it has grown into an ecclesiastical body of dedicated ministers banded together to spread the gospel. Individuals can hold certain personal views in cultural and doctrinal beliefs, but they are at the liberty to do so if this dose not conflict with Scripture and these Articles of Faith. Discussion of issues is encouraged and diversity of opinion is accepted. We have learned to agree to disagree in the name of Love. CECC Clergy are at liberty to choose their own path of conscience with the implicit understanding and concession that they are also accountable to the law, their faith group, and CECC, the institution they serve. Our aim is to exalt Christ and to keep Him the centre of our faith, and to live by every word that comes out from the mouth of God.

Position Statement

The Canadian Evangelical Christian Churches` Ministerial Position Statement is based on biblical truth an the biblical standards for which we hold and stand on.

We Believe that:


Marriage is a lifelong covenant relationship between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. It is a lifetime relationship before God. We believe in the covenant faithfulness of each man and women in marriage.

Common-law living

Living together as a couple unmarried is a lie against God, and brings no satisfaction in sexual intimacy. The church must bring helpful counsel for those who have lost their way in the modern sexual maze of relationships.

Divorce & Remarriage

Divorce and remarriage should not be an option to people unless adultery is involved because we believe that God can heal relationships. However, we also believe that divorce is not the unforgivable sin of God. We believe that divorce Christians can be restored through repentance, and seeking God's forgiveness.


The family is to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care for its members as it enables them to serve God, other persons and creation. Family is the foundation to Canadian society.

deviant sex

deviant sex is a sinful and unacceptable lifestyle before God and the church of Jesus Christ. God will never bless such an union. Our purpose is to love all gays into the kingdom of God.


Abortion is the murder of innocent children and it is not a form of birth control.

Poverty & Homelessness

Poverty & homelessness are complex issues that defy a single, simple solution. Homelessness and poverty include family breakdown and violence, unemployment, recent immigration or release from prison, substance abuse and addiction, mental and physical illness and shortage of affordable housing.

Smoking and Drinking

We recognize that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should be treated with great respect. Smoking or drinking is not a sin unless it is done in a abusive manner, e.g drinking should be in moderation and not in an excessive manner, and smoking is hazardous to your health. While we feel that this is a personal matter between the minister and God, we will not encourage it. We believe that Christians can find deliverance in these areas.


We do not support and believe that mercy killing should end life because of a painful and incurable disease.


We do not support war, but we strive in every means to find peace among all nations. We do not accept military involvement in a country unless it is for peacekeeping assignments, and a country is threaten by a common enemy.

Women in Ministry

Women in ministry is a call of God and they can be found in all areas of ministry and all giftings of the Holy Spirit. We support men and women in all areas and positions in ministry. CECC doesn't believe in equal rights for women, but elevated rights as women. Women should be treated like queens and respected as mothers.


The three creative acts of God are recorded in Genesis: 1. the heavens and the earth; 2. animal life; 3. human life. The 7 day creative act refers to the dateless past, and gives scope for all the geologic ages. And we believe in the fall of man in sin as opposed to evolution.

Godhead (Trinity)

We believe that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as God. We also believe that salvation is only through Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the life.


We support and stand with Israel because the Restoration of Israel is God's time table for end-time prophecy. We believe that untold blessings and rewards are given to those who support and stand with Israel by praying for them. CECC stands by and believes that the holocaust happened to the Jewish people.


We believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of all the scriptures as originally given by (verbal) inspiration of God, and it is the sole and final authority on all matters of faith, life and every area it touches.

Heaven and Hell

We believe in a literal eternal Heaven and Hell. Heaven is for the blood cleansed, born again saints of God, and Hell is for those who are unsaved and reject Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

Body of Christ

We believe that every believer today is the true Church of Christ's body and bride, and we also believe in the spiritual unity of all believers in Christ.

Ethnic Backgrounds

We accept all forms of diversity, aboriginal, groups of people and their characteristics, customs, race, and languages from every nation that make up the body of Christ.

Gifts of The Holy Spirit

We believe that each believer is given a spiritual enablement by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and a capacity for specific service. No believer is destitute of such gifts.

Our only creed is the Bible and Christ. However, we believe in a reform position within the Restoration Movement.


CECC believes that the earth is the Lord's and it is the responsibility and the purpose of every Christian to clean up the environment in our communities and country. However, we do not believe that the present radical green movement is interested in God's creation according to the Holy Scriptures. We also do not believe that global warming is human induced but what is happening is natural since the flood.


CECC does not expect their ministers to follow a certain dress code or a certain way of worshipping. We do not have a certain mode of preaching or practice in keeping certain feast days. We do not indicate what translation our ministers must read and preach from. Diversity of ministry is accepted. Our focus is only on the bible.


CECC does not believe in denominational walls that separate believers in the Spirit of Christian unity. We believe that all Christians are one in the body of Christ, and enjoy fellowship together within all denominations.



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