L. Ron Hubbard, founder

The Church Of Scientology
(Our Review of their doctrine)
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The Creed of Scientology:

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Scientology, in their creed basically say: (in our words not theirs)

  • We believe in free speech, that others should be able to criticize us openly without threat of legal action.
  • That man's own spirit alone, without divine help, can heal the body and the spirit of man can be saved by the spirit alone without the assistance of God.
  • That all men, of every race, sex, colour or creed were created with equal rights and have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performances, lives, sanity, defense, and free thought in themselves and the free thought of others.
  • That man is a survivor who is basically good, who must depend only upon man for his survival without God.
  • It is wrong to kill or enslave another man, or his sanity.

Note: If this is not accurate, we will change it and make corrections.


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