Domino Theology

What is a "domino theology"?

A domino theology is a system of doctrine that consists of several component parts. All the parts are required to maintain the system. Further the individual parts are interdependent, even symbiotic. By refuting any one single part of the system, you defeat the entire system! It is like playing dominos! Knock one doctrine over and you destroy the entire system! Have fun playing!


Various domino theologies:
Refute any one doctrine and refute the entire system!


detailed refutation

  1. Hell is annihilation rather than eternal torment
  2. Man has no soul being "monochotomous in nature"
  3. No conscious life after death
  4. Heaven is a literal restored "garden of Eden" on earth
  5. The Holy Spirit doesn't exist, but is merely a personification of God's power
  6. The Devil doesn't exist, but is the personification of Sin
  7. Demons don't exist, but are personification of disease
  8. Jesus, being created by God, ceased to exist for 3 days in tomb.

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detailed refutation

  1. Total hereditary depravity: babies inherit the sin of Adam and are totally depraved and therefore unable to respond to the gospel message of Christ.
  2. Unconditional election:(or predestination) God had a master list of those who will be saved and those who will go to hell before creation in Gen 1:1. The list is unchangeable.
  3. Limited atonement: Christ did not die for all men but only those on the "saved list"
  4. Irresistible grace: God sends the Holy Spirit only to those on the saved list which removes their depraved nature inherited from Adam and creates within them a saving faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit thereafter guides them directly to understand and correctly interpret the Bible.
  5. Perseverance of the saints: A child of God once saved, cannot be lost.


By Steve Rudd 


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