The Expository Files





Expository Files 23.12, Dec. 2016

Edited by Jon W. Quinn & Warren E. Berkley


Expository Files Ceasing Monthly Publication

This December issue (23.12) will be the final monthly issue of Expository Files. The editors are saddened, but our sadness is diminished by the knowledge that we have provided exposition of Bible texts for 23 years, still archived and available through our website which links to the Canadian server owned by Steve Rudd.

In the summer of 2015, the editors met in Texas. Jon has experienced serious illness with his vision. While he still awaits a potential remedy (for which we all pray), there is the continuing strain on his eyes doing publishing work and especially the tedious html editing. And Jonís future visual capacity is uncertain.

Aware of this in our 2015 meeting, we agreed that we had worked so well together over 23 years, it would just not seem right to break up the team. Warren told Jon, ďif I canít do this with you, Iím not doing it alone or with anyone else.Ē

The time has come. This issue will be the final monthly publication. Other words of reflection will appear in the Front Page and Final Page. And, in the Final Page, Warren will highlight some of the initial plans to keep the EF imprint alive in other forms.

Thanks to all our writers, our wives, proofreaders and readers. We are thankful to God for the opportunities afforded us over 23 years of continuous monthly publication. Click Here To Visit A Magazine We Recommend, Pressing On, edited by Mark Roberts.