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Genesis Three: A Light in the Darkness

Genesis 3:15

There are several pivotal passages in the Scripture which record events that greatly altered the course of human history. One of these passages is found in Genesis chapter three. It is here that we find sin making its grand entrance into the world, and the beginning of the consequences that would follow. Things would never be the same.

In verses 1-7 we find the temptation and the fall. In verses 8-21 we discover that human suffering, guilt, hardship, pain, sorrow and death all entered the realm of human experience as a result of sin. Finally, in verses 22-24 we find the first human couple expelled from Eden and beginning a much less satisfying existence. Is there any light of hope?

The central theme of the rest of the Bible has to do with the development and implementation of God's plan to save from sin and restore fellowship between Himself and us. The ultimate goal of the plan is "eternal life" - a term the Bible uses to describe the unequaled glory of heaven.
In the middle of the darkness and gloom of Genesis chapter three - verse 15 to be exact - we have the first promise that a Savior is coming who will defeat the work of Satan. In the New Testament, we will find this promise is received by faith in Christ. But here the veil is lifted ever so slightly allowing a small light to shine through. It will grow brighter in the centuries to follow as the prophets expound upon the message of the Messiah to come. And then - Jesus is born in fulfillment of the prophecies and the Provider of redemption and hope.


By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 13.10; October 2006