The Expository Files.

 A Miracle with a Message

Mark 2:1-2

 The miracle recorded in Mark 2:1-12 teaches a lot about Jesus and his work. A paralytic was carried to the crowded house where Jesus was preaching. His friends lowered him through a hole in the roof. The man was seeking a cure of his physical ailment, but Jesus offered something greater when he said: "Son, your sins are forgiven you" (2:5). This simple statement sparked a major controversy, and gave Jesus the opportunity to teach some important truths. Read Mark 2:1-12, and then consider these conclusions:

The Jews rightly concluded that only God can forgive sins (2:7). No human has the right to claim to absolve another of guilt.

Jesus linked his physical miracles to his greater power to cure spiritually. He did not come to the world to give all men health and wealth, but to offer us salvation from sin and eternal life. Physical cures, which could be seen, proved his power to heal the spirit, which could not be seen (2:10-12).

Jesus, in his words and his actions, claimed to be God. When Jesus forgave sins, he was claiming to be divine. He also claimed eternal existence, the defining attribute of Deity (John 8:24,58). Many times, he accepted worship, which he clearly understood only God could accept (Matthew 4:10; 8:2; 9:18; John 9:38; Revelation 5:5-14).

This same Jesus is still divine. He still has the power to forgive sins and to cure us of our spiritual diseases. And this same Jesus is still worthy of our worship.

Dennis Allan
From Expository Files 4.12; December 1997