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Warren E. Berkley and Jon W. Quinn


Twelve Spiritual Disciplines


Jon and I are currently assembling the publishing plan for our next book, “Twelve Spiritual Disciplines.” By “spiritual disciplines,” we mean simply, those things the Lord has given us to do, which (when consistently practiced) provide the discipline and character we need to righteously approach each day. There are no secrets, new revelations or clever marketing approaches. We are simply going to publish these articles in 2016, then the book, on spiritual disciplines every Christian can adopt for a better life before God.


Some of the topics are:


Consistent Prayer

Productive Bible Reading

God-honoring Worship

Careful Self- Disciplined Serving

Objective Listening

Cheerful Giving


And other topics which, when learned and practice, result in the good discipline we need in life. You’ll see these individual articles in the 2016 issues of Expository Files. Then, as 2016 nears an end, we will get the book in print.

By Warren E. Berkley
The Final Page
From Expository Files 22.12; December 2015