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Fourteen Years of Expository Files

I was looking over the coverage of expository articles that have been published in Expository Files since our beginning in 1994. We have expository material from every book in the Bible, though there are still portions that are much more lightly covered than others. That will probably always be the case. I even noted that I have accidentally run a couple articles twice through the years, having forgotten that I had already used them. Once I neglected to move a guest article to the "used" file and ran it twice too. That's life. At least it was a good article that Wayne had written.

Our oldest child was in high school and learning to drive in 1994 as we began Expository Files. Our youngest was in 5th grade. Our middle child was, well, in the middle. Our oldest child now married and has three children of her own, our youngest is married and almost ready to receive her Master's degree in oboe performance, and our middle child is preaching the gospel out in Nebraska. That's a lot of water under the bridge. See, I can wax nostalgic too (see Warren's Front Page editorial) though he seems more well read than me.

In 1994, when Warren and I began this venture together, Nelson Mandella became president of South Africa. Also that year, we all watched that white Ford Bronco being chased down a California highway previous to the arrest of its passenger O.J. Simpson for murder. 1994 also saw a mass murderer by the name of Jeffrey Dahmer, who had recently studied the Bible and had been baptized into Christ, was murdered in prison. Olympic hopeful skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked in a bid to keep her off the ice and Richard Nixon died.

May everyone have a happy and prosperous new year, but more than that, may all who read these words make great spiritual progress. Thanks to Warren for his friendship. It is our hope that all of our readers, old and new, will benefit from our efforts

By Jon W. Quinn
The Final Page
From Expository Files 15.1; January 2008