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Abortion and Cannibalism

Welcome to our October issue. Warren and I were discussing what we wanted to do next year as far the "something extra" category for Expository Files. We think the "Special Topic" series on "What The Bible Says About..." has been successful this year, with ten down and two more to go. We have decided to run another special series to supplement our regular expository type offerings. We plan to run a series of twelve articles in 1996 which deal with modern moral/social   controversies. God's Law is righteous and holy, and the believer must rely upon it when confronted with the moral decisions modern life throws at us. In a word, our world is a moral wreck. Nothing seems sure anymore until we look into the pages of Scripture and find that we do, after all, have a firm moral foundation upon which we can build our lives. But at the same time, making such decisions from a Biblically based moral code will cause us to be at odds with many of the forces shaping modern opinions. I've included below, with the author's permission, a very disturbing short article that exposes a particularly gruesome and morally reprehensible practice.

By David Pratte

Yes, I did say "cannibalism." As if it were not enough to murder unborn babies, people are now eating them. The following report was included in World, May 20-27, 1995, p. 20ff.

"To investigate widespread rumors that unborn human beings were being sought and eaten to improve complexions and promote general well-being, an Eastern Express reporter on March 1 entered the state-run Shenzhen Health Center for Women and Children and requested a fetus for a feigned illness. A female doctor told the reporter the department had run out of fetuses,  but to come back.

"'The next day,' according to the paper, 'the reporter returned at lunch time. The doctor eventually emerged from the operating theater holding a fist-sized glass bottle stuffed with thumb-sized fetuses. "'She said, "There are 10 fetuses here, all aborted this morning. You can take them. We are a state hospital and don't charge anything.  Normally we doctors take them home to eat -- all free. Since you don't look well, you can take them."'"

The article contains several other reports similar in nature. Friends, does your heart break for our generation? Granted, this allegedly occurred in Communist China, but how far are we behind? Our government allows 1 1/2 million unborn babies to be murdered every year. Our president not only defends abortion but allows unborn babies to be used for medical experiments.

God says the life in the mother's womb is a "child," a "baby," an "infant," a "son" (see Genesis 25:21,22; Job 3:3,16; Hosea 12:3; Luke 1:36,41,44). The woman who has conceived a child in her womb is a "mother" (Numbers 12:12; Luke 1:43). Therefore, any woman who obtains an abortion is a "mother" who has agreed to murder her unborn "child," "baby," "infant," "son" or "daughter." One who eats it has eaten a "child," "baby," "infant," "son" or "daughter."

Incredibly, God predicted that sin would become so widespread in Israel that they would practice cannibalism. The hardships they would suffer would include hunger so great that the following would result: "You will eat the fruit of your own body, the flesh of your sons and your daughters whom the Lord your God has given you..." (Deuteronomy 28:53). This literally came to pass in the siege of Samaria in 2 Kings 6:28,29.

How horrible to think that people would eat children because of hunger. Yet our perverted generation is here reported to eat children "to improve complexions and promote general well-being"!

Brothers, sisters, and friends, what will it take to disgust the people of our nation to the point we put an end to these evils? When will we become bold enough to tell our elected officials they must stop this traffic in human babies? When will we determine that no candidate for president or any public office will get our vote if he
does not oppose abortion? When will every pulpit in the land ring out against the practice.



Yes, righteous men and women everywhere must be willing to take their stand, for those who refuse can hardly be said to be righteous. We hope our upcoming series will be beneficial to our readers, and we will be issuing no apologies to the "politically correct" for any Scriptural stand any of our writers take on any of these issues. Thanks for reading.

Submitted by Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 2.10; October 1995