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 And the Flood Came!  

The Bible tells us that once there was a world wide flood out of which only eight humans survived; Noah and his extended family. The account of this flood which came as a judgment from God upon the earth in response to extreme wickedness, is given in Genesis 6-9. Is it merely a legend - or did it truly happen?

Christians believe in God and that the Bible is a trustworthy account of history. God created the world to begin with, so He certainly has the power to provide water to cover it all if He so chooses. Jesus, the Son of God, affirmed that the flood is a actual event and not merely a story (Matt. 24:36-39).

The dimensions of the ark we are given in the Scriptures would have provided it with the capacity to carry the cargo the Bible says it carried. Huge ships of modern times use similar ratios because modern engineers have determined that this makes them the most seaworthy.

The Bible says that water covered the whole earth. Fossils of sea animals have been discovered on the highest mountain ranges. We also find sea and land animals buried together showing that catastrophic flooding did occur. We also know something happened to drastically alter the earth’s climate.

As descendants of the survivors of the flood repopulated the earth, they took with them the account of the flood. As these groups split and settled in different areas, over time variations developed within their accounts, but they all point back to a common flood occurrence. Yes, the Bible is trustworthy - not only about the flood, but about salvation in Christ. We would do well to pay closer attention!

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 19.8; August  2012