The Expository Files


Oct. 2011


Knowing EF readers have an interest in good reading with biblical content, we want to make you aware of two publishing products soon available. Both editors of EF are writers for the new book, Letters To Young Preachers. This book is addressed to young preachers from older men, designed to encourage, instruct and warn the next generation. It is being published in paperback by Spiritbuilding, will be available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites and other dealers to be announced later. Letters To Young Preachers will also be published as a Kindle book. After paper release, look for it through Amazon Kindle.

Check for release date, price, ordering information, etc.

Also, Pressing On e-magazine is being edited and published by Mark Roberts, coming out this month. A subscription delivery “paper,” Pressing On will include articles by Mark Roberts, Chuck Durham, Dee Bowman, Warren Berkley and others. For release and subscription information, see We know those involved in these two publications and encourage you to add these to your list of valuable reading.

By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 18.10; October 2011