The Expository Files

“Ask In Faith”

James 1:6

There is a popular spin put on this that is limiting. Let me explain. This is commonly understood in this way - - If I’m asking God to rid me of cancer – I must believe that He will do that specific thing. Or, if I ask God to help me through a financial crisis, before, during and after my asking – I need to believe real hard that He will give me that relief.

Here’s what I believe I need to say about that. There is more involved. “Asking in faith” is not just about your confidence in some specific petition or answer that you want. In fact, we are never in a position to demand a specific answer from God. His answers are always wiser than our demands.

Asking in faith is about our confidence in the God we are praying to. It is not limited to the specific thing we want. It is our confidence in the God we speak to. It is our confidence in His existence, His power, His wisdom and compassion.

This “asking in faith” is not a periodic or specific faith about things we want now. It is our trust in God that we develop before we pray – take into every prayer – and perpetuate after every prayer. It is not faith in what we want. It is faith in who we are praying to!!

This is the faith that manifest itself in action and that brings us to obedience to Christ to begin with, keeps us there, and keeps us praying and growing and worshipping. Ask in faith.


By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 18.8; August 2011