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Be Wise Small


Our friend Dee Bowman recently released a new book we want our readers to be aware of. BE WISE SMALL.


From the Forword:


With the advent of electronic reading, namely through Amazon’s wonderful Kindle e-reader, it didn’t take long for us to realize the potential of a monthly “brotherhood paper” for e-readers.  Careful talk, planning and prayer led to the creation of an electronic journal, Pressing On.


Yet while it may have seemed that our agenda was to get quality, scriptural material on to people’s electronic devices there was something else going on.  We hope to escape charges of being nefarious but in truth, we saw Pressing On as a way to re-activate one of the most powerful pens among us today.   In simple terms, we wanted Dee Bowman to write again.


In the early 1980's his magnificent, practical writings in his column “That’s Life” had been a highlight of Christianity Magazine’s monthly appearances.  He made us laugh, he made us cry, he introduced us to brethren we should know, and over and over, he challenged us to live as true disciples should. 


Dee had written for various publications through the years since CM had ceased publication, but had not done a regular column again.  Thus, the first columnist we approached about writing was Dee Bowman.  We knew his writing would bless people like no one else’s.  We knew brethren would appreciate him writing again.  And, quite frankly, we ourselves wanted to read from his pen again. He has a unique ability to use the Word of God to understand and anticipate our need. Then, to address that need from the same Source. He matches concepts with conduct, because he loves people.


It is a joy then to introduce this collection of his columns, thoughts, and ideas that are just quintessentially “Dee.”  Dee has always urged us to live a life that gets the details right, that honors the Lord even in the minor matters.  “Be Wise Small” constantly and consistently keeps us on that track.  We are convinced by our experience with Dee Bowman, this book will take you to sound biblical perspectives which will serve you well. Dee uses his wit and way with words to storm the will of his readers, based on the revealed wisdom of God. 


We hope and pray that you will enjoy Dee’s writings as we have, and that these things will help you press on in your walk with Christ Jesus. – Warren Berkley & Mark Roberts (Pressing On Magazine)


Link to the book is here: BE WISE SMALL. 


Submitted by Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 23.3; March 2016