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Expository Files 23.1

Jan. 2016

Beginning our 23rd year of delivering Biblical comment

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Self Control

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Before any particular "thing" can be controlled (e.g., drugs, alcohol, guns, or whatever), there first must be self-control. Why there is more emphasis on controlling "things" instead of controlling self is inexplicable. Things are only a vehicle by which people act, and people either control themselves or they don't. If self is controlled, things are controlled. Yet the teaching of self-control also requires at least the teaching of:


• Character
• Values
• Respect for others
• Respect for property
• Morality
• Higher purpose


All of this, and much more, is to be found within the teaching of Scripture and the biblical worldview. “Righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come” are all part of the gospel (Acts 24:25), and self-control is a vital supplement to every Christian’s character (2 Peter 1:5-11). It goes hand in hand with self-denial (Luke 9:23).

Focus on self-control, and the control of things, whatever they are, will properly fall into place. – Borrowed from Doy Moyer, Facebook, Dec. 3, 2015


Submitted by Warren E. Berkley
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From Expository Files 23.1; January 2016