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Numbers 21:6-9

The children of Israel had been delivered from cruel slavery in Egypt. Not only had they witnessed Godís power in the 10 plagues, but also in the splitting of the Red Sea through which they passed to safety from Pharaohís pursuing army. They had been provided with food and water for this great mass of people in a barren wilderness.

Perhaps it was their anxiety to settle down again and make a permanent home for themselves. It had been a long journey. Whatever it was, they forgot their blessings and began to complain. In fact, it went beyond complaint to charging both Moses and God foolishly (Num. 21:4,5). The Bible records that snakes appeared in the camp and many people were bitten and died. The others came to Moses and admitted their sin and asked him to intercede unto God in their behalf. The Lord told Moses to make a bronze snake and attach it to a pole and set it up in the middle of the camp. When bitten, whoever would trust God enough to look upon the bronze snake would live (see Num. 21:6-9).

Question: What saved the people? Actually, a number of things worked together, all according to Godís plan. Godís mercy - He provided the means of salvation. Godís message - He told them how. Their faith - that had to believe and obey the instruction. Godís power - this is what healed them of the poison.

Question: What saves us from sin? The same things! Godís mercy - He provides the means of salvation; His Son. Godís message - the gospel. Our faith - we must believe and obey the gospel. Godís power - it takes away our sins.

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By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 17.11;  November 2010