The Expository Files.

Concluding Our First Year


Greetings to all! This issue concludes our first volume of Expository Files. Due to popular demand the editorial staff has decided to go for volume number two.

Well, concerning the "popular demand" part, at least no one has demanded we stop. Several have urged us to "keep going" and the number of downloads is robust and continuing to grow.

And concerning the editorial staff, that would be Warren and me. Please do not picture a corporate boardroom with a dozen fancy-suited businessmen meeting around a long, shiny table. Instead, picture two guys scratching their heads and making some apparently sound choices here and there in spite of themselves.

Warren mentions the Florida College Lectures coming up this winter in the Final Page. At this writing I've not yet seen what he says about it, but just want to invite
all our readers to take notice.

Thanks for the download. We hope you'll find the thoughts presented herein Scriptural an edifying. We appreciate our readers and the kind comments they have
made throughout this year.

Also, those who have consented to write for us deserve our thanks as well. The contributed articles have been of good quality. Thanks for your efforts!


By Jon W. Quinn
The Front Page
From Expository Files 1.12; December, 1994