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Course of Study Recommended

At the Laurel Heights church of Christ, we have a well organized Bible class program based on four quarters (quarter=three months, or approx. 25 class periods). This program was put in place long before I moved to McAllen, largely through the efforts of the late Dr. Charles Garner (gospel preacher, educator). It is a joy to be a part of a program of study put together so carefully, and maintained so diligently by our elders.

As I write, near the end of May, we are just finishing our spring quarter (March, April, May), and in my adult class I taught on THE DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. I've never developed 25 lessons to this theme, but do not regret the undertaking. In fact, I recommend this course to those of you who teach Bible classes. Here's what we did in our four-phase approach ...

Phase One: READINGS (four class periods) We read, in narrative order, the gospel accounts of the last week of the Lord's life. I mean, we came to class and I just read from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It took us four class periods to read the account of His last week.

Phase Two - Four Classes of Expository Studies
1 Cor. 15:1-8
Isa. 53
Phil. 2:5-8
1 Cor. 1:22, 2:1f

Phase Three - Four Classes Topical Studies
The Trials Of Jesus
The Shedding of Blood
Words From The Cross
His Suffering & Death

Phase Four - Five Things Accomplished by His Death
Forgiveness of Sin
The New Covenant

Phase Five - His Burial & Resurrection (five classes)
The Burial of Christ
The Empty Tomb
Eye Witnesses
The Conversion of Saul
What His Resurrection Means

Phase Six - Other Vital Matters
The Lord's Supper
Rom. 6:1-14
Glorying in the Cross, Gal. 6:14

To help in preparing for such a course - THE PRECEPTOR magazine published two special issues exploring this theme in 1994. You can order these (you will be billed; I believe it would be less than $5.00) - from THE PRECEPTOR

Ask for a copy of each issue of the two specials on THE DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. It's a good study.

"The primitive Christians gloried in and made the aim of their efforts the salvation of the spiritually dead through the proclamation of the good news of eternal redemption through Christ. This was their glory and their crown."

-James W. Adams, Christianity Magazine, Feb. 1992.

Submitted By Warren E. Berkley
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