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Crossan vs. Jesus


The photograph gracing the cover of the July 17th  Chicago Tribune Magazine was that of John Dominic Crossan, a professor at De Paul University in Chicago as well as an ex-priest. The title of the article was "Searching For Jesus" with the following question attached; "Can this man change what Christians believe?"

The article was extremely one sided, with several pages given to Crossan and a few paragraphs given to those who disagree with him. Crossan believes most of the gospel was made up by early Christians to "sell" their reason to be Christians to others. He believes that Jesus was only a mortal man, conceived and born the natural way. He performed no miracles, was killed and His body "probably eaten by wild dogs." He is a charter member of "The Jesus Seminar", a semi annual conclave of liberal Biblical scholars who get together and debate whether portions of the gospel really happened or not. They have pretty much decided that Jesus did not really say 82% of the things the Bible says He did. How do they arrive at such conclusions? They sit around a U-shaped table and vote with colored beads, with different colors representing votes of "It definitely happened", "It probably happened", "It maybe happened" or "It definitely did not happen." Of course, anything hinting of the miraculous is out.

The bothersome thing is, while the arguments in the article was absolutely unimpressive to the informed, I suppose many who glanced over the article probably think the Bible has been disproved. There are too many glaring inconsistencies, they want you to believe, in the gospels. Interesting that the only one they used in the article concerns the crucifixion; Matthew and Mark tell us that Jesus said, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?" while Luke has "Father, forgive them," and John, "It is finished." How it never enters into these doubters' minds that Jesus hung on the cross for six hours and thus had time to say all those things is beyond me. I suppose its the same old thing that Jesus said; "Hardened hearts, closed eyes and unhearing ears." (Or did He say that; shall we vote on it?)

Anyway, our material published in Expository Files makes it clear that our faith is not determined by what the Jesus Seminar does. Neither is our faith unreasonable and without evidence. Warren and I hope you have enjoyed issue 1.9 and we'll see you in October, Lord willing. (October? Already? Where did the summer go?)

By Jon W. Quinn
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From Expository Files 1.9; September, 1994