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APOLOGY TO COMPUSERVE DOWNLOADERS Last month (1.10) there was an unexpected electronic glitch in the IBM version of Expository Files. We had at least one report from a reader who downloaded the IBM version from CompuServe and it didn't run. We contacted  the SYSOP and in reply we were told of a rather time-consuming process of re-uploading. Therefore we put the word out to several known readers -- if you missed the IBM version of EF (1.10, Oct.), contact us and we'll send you a copy. (No problems with the Internet site or on AOL).

Next Year!
A variety of changes will appear in EF beginning in January, 1995. We continue to requests feedback from readers. Let us know what you believe we can do to improve the journal, or tell us where you think we are weak. Our first priority is, to provide teaching from the Scriptures. But we do want to be responsive to your ideas.



Dates: Nov. 28-29, Dec. 1-2 (Mon.-Tues., Thurs.-Fri.).Location: 3737 Brawner Parkway (our building).Time: 7 p.m. each evening

Disputants: David Smitherman, Ernie Brennaman

Question to be debated: "Does God Exist?"

Format: The first two nights Brennaman will affirm God doesn't exist, the last two nights Smitherman will affirm God does exist. Each evening there will be two 25 minute speeches followed by two 20 minute responses. There will be a 30 minute Q&A session each evening. Questions will be submitted to a moderator (Jack Holt, Sinton, Tx.) who will read the question to the appropriate man. He will have 2 min. to answer and the other man can take 2 min. to respond. Smitherman can be contacted at 512-855-5096 (home) or 855-9810 (office) or 3817 Capri Dr., 78415 for more info. Also SMITHERMAN@AOL.COM


From Mark Roberts

Debate at 7 pm, Lamar U. at Beaumont For More Info., call 409/866-1996 (Dowlen Rd. Church of


Finally, after much work and energy, the debate has been finalized. I will debate Dr. Jamal Badawy on November 3.

The proposition I will affirm is "The Bible teaches Jesus is deity." The debate will be on the campus of Lamar University in Beaumont.

Badawy is one of the leading Muslim apologist in this country. He has debated at least twice before, once on the John Ankerberg show.

Please pray for me as I complete my preparations for the debate, and also let brethren know about it. Some of you are far away and cannot come -- but please pray for me. I have been working very diligently in the last six weeks to get ready and am thrilled that this is really going to happen. Pray that I will speak in such a way that the truth about Lord and Savior will be evident and obvious to all.

Mark Roberts

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By Warren E. Berkley
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