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 Did I Say That?

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(Source, Pressing On Magazine)

I’ve been around some kind of recording equipment most of my life–first in broadcasting,
then in making records in the music business, now with CDs, DVDs, jump drives, Cloud,
etc., etc.

Have you ever listened to yourself on a recording of some kind? How’d you like it? How’d
you sound? Were you surprised? How did your voice sound–smooth, raspy, squeaky, mellow?
How were your pronunciations? Any drawl or colloquialisms? You sound like you thought you

I have some news for you. God knows how you sound. He hears you. He knows what you say
and to whom? He knows what prompted what you said in every situation. He is recording
every conversation.

If you could hear what He hears, you might ask:

“Did I say that?”
“Did I say it like that?
“What was I thinking when I said that?”
“Reckon anybody hear that?”
You might say:
“I wish I hadn’t said that”
“I wish I hadn’t said that like that.”
“I wish I could erase that.

“Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindeleth” (James 3:5)

By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 22.10; October 2015