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Expository Files 21.9

Sept. 2014




The book we published this year, The Integrity Of The New Testament, is being widely circulated and good responses encourage us. The book is priced a little high, we know. Current on Amazon is $14.39 for the paperback; $8.29 for the Kindle version. We hope to lower these prices near the end of the year. We trust our readers understand: the day paper, ink, marketing and delivery becomes free – we will give the book away. Until then, bills have to be paid. If you are interested in a quantity order for a class, contact us for a discount code.

Our first book, People of the Past With Lessons for Today, is almost half the size of the Integrity book, so is priced much less. Current on Amazon is $5.39 in paperback; .99 cents on Kindle (a permanent lower price). Barnes and Noble generally runs higher than Amazon, with the paperback now at $5.99. Later this year, we will also lower the price of the paperback edition, though we cannot guarantee that all book dealers will follow suit.

Our next book is CHRISTIANITY IN TWELVE WORDS. We hired a graphic designer to create the cover and we are happy with what he produced. This book will be released in December if plans are not interrupted. We will set this book up with Amazon for pre-order a few weeks before release. One of the chapters in the book appears in this issue, “Need” by Todd Hales. Pricing on this book cannot be determined until we have a total page number.

Our plan is, to publish one book a year. Jon and I are encouraged by reader response. You can help by mentioning our books and linking to them on your Facebook page or Blog. And, express your thanks to our writers.


By Warren E. Berkley
The Front Page
From Expository Files 21.9; September 2014