The Expository Files.

EF FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions


1. How did Expository Files begin?

The existence of electronic magazines didn't even come to my attention until I started using my computer modem seriously in the summer of 1993. Not long after I began exploring CompuServe and AOL, and downloaded a few e-zines, I thought there needed to be one with emphasis on Bible study. Given my workload at the time I knew I couldn't do it myself, and I thought there needed to be one editor with IBM capacity and one with MAC. I wrote to Jon Quinn, and we spent a few months developing ideas. Our first issue was uploaded the last week in December, and came online at CompuServe and AOL around January 1, 1994.

2. How is Expository Files compiled?

If you've been downloading EF for a while you have probably observed we have a standard format. There is one article by each editor, and two contributed article. In addition to these four expository articles, there is a topical article (added in '95), two editorials (front page and final page), and either the plan of salvation or the EF E-Mail Bag. Contributed articles are sent to the editors via e-mail, or scanned. We send text files to each other, and a few days before the upload everything is loaded into the stand-alone program. Communication between editors is through e-mail, as well as article submissions.

3. Who is Jon W. Quinn?

Jon Quinn lives in Bradley, Illinois with his wife Barbara and their three children, Melissa (17), Nathan (15) and Emily (11). He works with the Bradley Church of Christ as the local preacher, where he has been located since 1989. Previously he has worked with churches in Flint, Michigan (1982-1989) , Lowell, Indiana (1978-1982) and Topeka, Kansas (1975-1978). It was in Topeka that we first met, not at all aware we would co-edit an electronic magazine almost 20 years alter. He was born in 1952 in Dayton, Ohio where he lived until leaving home for college. He attended Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida, near Tampa, from 1971 through 1975.

4. Who is Warren E. Berkley?

I am a gospel preacher, and have been for about 26 years. I'm currently with the Laurel Heights church of Christ in McAllen, Texas. We live in nearby Pharr, Texas. My wife is Paula, who has been a tremendous help in all phases of EF. She has had extensive experience in desktop publishing and computer use. If you have seen some of our advertisements in THE PRECEPTOR or HIS SERVANT (publication for Mac Users), you have noticed the name PAULA'S PRESS. This is an actual business, registered here in Texas, and this is the organ we use to sell EF Bound Volumns. I also write a regular column for a printed publication called THE PRECEPTOR, and have published several tracts.

5. Who are the writers?

The writers for EF are, for the most part, gospel preachers we are acquainted with and have confidence in. Occasionally we scan in an article written by someone who may have no Internet connection. Most writers have been asked to write, and have an e-mail address.

6. What about uploads?

When we first started EF, we set the 27th of each month as our target upload day. For instance we uploaded this issue on Sept. 27. In the beginning of publication we uploaded into CompuServe and AOL only. Not long after that, EF began to appear on several local BBS's. Last month we dropped our upload into CompuServe. We continue to upload into AOL, and have enjoyed excellent cooperation from the forum leader there. Mark Copeland and others have, in the past year, been very helpful in distributing the magazine from FTP and WWW sites.

7. Bound Volumns?

Near the end of our first publication year we compiled a "bound volume" on 3.5 disk; every issue for '94 was loaded onto a 3.5 disk and was offered for sale at $10.00. We continue to have a few of those, and we will offer Vol. II in January of 1996.

8. Use of EF Articles.

Articles which appear in EF are to be considered within the public domain. They can be used in full, we only ask that you document your source as Expository Files, with vol. number or date.

9. What About The Topical Page?

The topical section in EF was added in January of 1995, to give some variety to the magazine and give us opportunity to cover several topics we believe are important. This will continue in 1996, and we believe our planned topics will be especially relevant to our times next year. {For more on this, see THE FRONT PAGE of this issue.}

10. What are your future plans?

I'm working now on establishing another EF homepage site. And Jon and I will continue to discuss plans and changes. We are open to your suggestions and comments.

By Warren E. Berkley
The Final Page
From Expository Files 2.10; October 1995