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This issue is the most difficult Jon and I have prepared, since it is the last.

Back when “internet” and “world wide web” were new terms, using the CompuServe and AOL servers, we launched Expository Files (1994). Our purpose was simple: to provide another avenue to distribute Bible teaching. Our focus was not on academic papers or topical discourses for debate. We simply wanted to provide a means for preachers and Bible teachers to share the fruit of their study, with no claim they were polished or professional writers, scholars or men with any authority to prescribe belief. We just asked writers to write what they saw in Scripture, to the best of their ability, for distribution through the then new and innovative digital means. Inspired initially by Mark Copeland (the pioneer of digital distribution), we are now completing 23 years of continuous monthly publication, with the archives of every issue still available at our website.

We never imagined all the downloads, email responses and inquiries. From all around the world – monks on Malta, regular readers in Hong Kong, Europe, Canada, almost every state and many Latin American locations where English is often read. Expository Files is quoted (and in some cases misquoted) in books in print; studied by denominational preachers; referenced in schools with Biblical emphasis and duplicated in church bulletins across the country. We had no idea what reach the magazine would achieve with God’s providence as the primary power.

From our first acquaintance in Kansas, Jon and I have enjoyed a cordial, cooperate working relationship, based on our unity in Christ and affectionate friendship. We have published 276 magazines and 5 books together, with an exceptional working relationship. There isn’t any doubt that close relationship with continue as long as we are here on earth, then in heaven, I do not envision us sitting around talking about Expository Files. We will be so enthralled being in the presence of the Lord, our little efforts here will likely not come up.

What is ahead for Expository Files without the previous monthly publications? We  have two books planned. The Spiritual Discipline book should be released later this month. We are also working on a podcast site. There may be other projects we take on as we settle into this transition. The Facebook group will be maintained with occasional posts to highlight Scripture. The website with the archives will remain as long as possible. Our efforts to index all the pdfs will be undertaken. So, pray for Jon’s health and stay connected with Expository Files.

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By Warren E. Berkley

The Final Page
From Expository Files 23.12;  December 2016