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Focusing on Focus

There is a print publication I have been receiving for years called "Focus Magazine". The most recent issue (August, 2008) is their 100th issue - a milestone to be sure. I do not know if this "special issue" will become a valuable collector's item one day (I'm guessing not - at least by any monetary standard that defines "valuable"). But I do want to say that this publication has been extremely valuable to me through the years.

It is about this time that one will often write about how well he knows the editors and what good fellows they are. But I do not personally know these brethren. Of the eight past and present editors I do not think I have ever met a single one of them (though I have corresponded with the most recent addition to the editorial board). Other than that, I know them only by their writings.

The magazine does have a web site. For more information, refer to:

I have appreciated the Scriptural, spiritual focus of Focus Magazine through the eleven years of its existence. I believe that the men responsible for it are dedicated and faithful, and their thoughts presented in its pages honor God and glorify His name. For that, I am glad, and pray that, if the Lord wills, they may continue their work for many years to come.


By Jon W. Quinn
The Final Page
From Expository Files 15.9; September 2008